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   Chapter 4 Being With The King Is Like Accompanying A Tiger

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The doctor also raised his head and saw the face on the TV, as if he was afraid that Marilyn didn't know him. He quickly pointed at him and said, "Yes, it's this gentleman. Did you offend Mr. Kendrick? "

If she had offended him by refusing his rude request, she would have offended him, and it would be very serious.

Marilyn was about to lose her temper. "So what? I'm in the hospital, and you guys are supposed to save lives and heal the wounded. Is it because of this kind of person's casual word that you can ignore a person's life? "

Although the director of the hospital had sent an order to refuse to accept the medical fees of the patient surnamed Gu, the treatment had to go on. The director also had repeatedly told him that the situation of the treatment could not be told to his family, and the more ruthless he described the better.

The doctor cleared his throat and said, "We have no choice. This is a capital society. We can't interfere in what others want to do. I just listen to the hospital's requirements."

"A walking dog of capital! If anything happens, we will sue your hospital no matter what it costs! " Hilda was more irritable than Marilyn. If Marilyn hadn't pulled her aside, she would have jumped up and hit the doctor's head.

The doctor sweated in his heart. He didn't know what his boss was thinking. He was a kind and dedicated doctor who had been working for more than ten years to save lives and heal the wounded. How could he asked a doctor like him to do that? If these two girls really hit him, he wouldn't dare to fight them back.

"The root cause of the problem is still on Kendrick. It's useless to say anything here now. Since you know that he is the CEO of the CF Group, we need to go straight to him!"

Hilda nodded heavily, "Since he is so shameless, we will try our best to twist his head off."

The two of them made an ambitious promise in the doctor's office and went out hand in hand, as if they were going to die a heroic death.

As soon as they left the hospital, the message from another informant of the hospital was sent to the phone of Kendrick's special assistant.

The assistant happily ran to the office of the CEO with the phone in her hand. "Mr. Kendrick, the plan will work very soon. They are coming here now!"

"Got it." Kendrick glanced at the assistant indifferently, "Stop her at the door later."

"Okay!" The assistant answered subconsciously and then realized that something was wrong. "No, it's not easy for us to let her show up, right? Don't you think it's too much to stop her at the door? "

Kendrick frowned slightly, and the assistant immediately stopped talking. He respectfully went out and carefully closed the door for Kendrick, almost knocking three times at the door.

He couldn't help but heave a long sigh. Being with the king was like accompanying a tiger.

In less than an hour, Marilyn and Hilda had arrived at the CF Group. The two men, who had been determined to win, suddenly lost a lot of momentum when they saw the building in front of them. The CF Group was a tall building.

"If we go in without permission, will someone throw us down the stairs?" Looking at the well-dressed people coming in and out of the building, Hilda felt that Marilyn and she, who had been running for a living, were not in line with the style of the whole building.

Marilyn was also a little scared, but she still firmly held Hilda's hand and said, "Even if they are rich, so what? People can do whatever they want when they get rich? What about we tearing his face apart? "

"Okay, tear his face apart!"

The two entered the door like bandits, but unexpectedly, they were not stopped at all. Ev

en the receptionist was very kind to them and personally sent them to the CEO's exclusive elevator.

The receptionists at the front desk were all as beautiful as goddess. Marilyn said to herself that if Kendrick couldn't find a girlfriend, wasn't the receptionists be an option? They all looked so pretty, wasn't they? Why did he have to go all the way to break her bones and say that he wanted to marry her? There must be something she didn't know.

"He must be afraid of making trouble!" Hilda said firmly, "He will definitely give an explanation for what happened today!"

Staring blankly at the scenery outside the CEO's elevator glass, Marilyn believed that things were not as simple as Hilda thought.

But she didn't care about herself. What mattered was that her father's medicine couldn't be stopped. Her father was her only family in the world. She didn't care even if she had to swallow her dignity.

Soon, they arrived at the second floor. The CEO's office was very quiet. People kept coming in and out, but no one noticed Marilyn and Hilda standing at the door. They felt themselves like transparent people and it made them two embarrassed.

Gritting her teeth, Marilyn was about to rush inside, but was stopped by a gentle looking boy at the door. "Mr. Kendrick is busy now. You can stay aside."

"We have something urgent!"

"It doesn't matter as long as the sky doesn't fall, it couldn't be said urgent! Get away! "

Marilyn softened her tone and said, "Please, we really have something important to do. Please let us in."

"I don't think so. No is no. There is a chair over there. Go and sit down. The CEO will see you when he is free."

No matter how hard Marilyn and Hilda tried, that man still refused to let them go. The three of them had been in a stalemate in the office for nearly an hour, but there was no result.

Marilyn sighed with disappointment. When she was about to turn around, she heard some noise from the CEO's office.

The sound of leather shoes stepping on the marble floor was very clear, as if stepping on Marilyn's heart. She was so nervous that her heart trembled. She could not help but stare at the thick frosted glass door of the CEO's office with her eyes wide open.

A slender black figure shook slightly, and then the door was opened. With a long face, Kendrick appeared in front of her. He looked down at Marilyn and said coldly, "Who are you? Why are you so noisy?"

How could this man pretend not to know her?

Marilyn was about to lose her temper, but on second thought, she was at a disadvantage now, so she decided not to save her face. Marilyn changed her charming expression and said, "What's wrong? Why do you pretend not to know me? You called me honey yesterday. Didn't you ask me to come to you, baby?"

Hilda was so shocked that her chin was about to fall, and the assistant next to her was also so frightened that he had goose bumps all over his body.

"Honey?" Kendrick repeated the word playfully, "Assistant Lin, take her into the office first," Kendrick said with a smile.

When they entered the office, Kendrick didn't follow them. Marilyn looked around curiously as if she was the Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden. The whole office was in a cold and hard black and white color, which was simple but murderous. The decoration style of this office just like its owner.

Just as Marilyn stretched out her hand to the huge bookshelf next to her which was two times as tall as her, she was wrapped by the smell of the YSL Opium from behind.

Marilyn turned her head in horror, and was enveloped by a huge shadow. The shadow put a hand behind her head and pressed her against the bookshelf.

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