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   Chapter 3 Golden Bachelor

Sir, Your Wife Ran Again By Da Caomei Characters: 7263

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Marilyn turned to Hilda and winked at her. Then she pointed to the middle-aged woman next to her and signaled secretly. Hilda, who had been friends with her for many years, immediately understood what Marilyn meant.

She turned to the woman and remarked, "Wow! Your boyfriend is so considerate that he asked someone to bring you food? You are so lucky!"

Marilyn hurriedly waved her hand and replied, "Oh, no, no! She is with the driver. He has just sent me a meal. My boyfriend hasn't come yet."

"Well, he must be very worried about you. I'm sure he'll be here soon. I'll call him and check,"

said Hilda, pretending to be calm. She pulled out her phone and dialed a number. Pretending to talk to Marilyn's boyfriend, she said, "Yes, yes, we are in the hospital. It's on the ninth floor. You will be here soon? Okay, come up quickly! Marilyn misses you so much, she is almost in tears."

Hilda acted exaggeratedly, ignoring the confused questions from her father who she had called under the pretext of talking to Marilyn's boyfriend.

The two girls were indeed skillful actors and they seemed to have convinced Kendrick's maid, who stared at the entire exchange with her mouth open.

She smiled awkwardly, but stayed put beside Marilyn, not intending to leave. She seemed to be determined to see what Marilyn's boyfriend looked like.

But Marilyn had broken up with her boyfriend. How could she produce one out of thin air?

Marilyn rolled her eyes and said, "I'd like to have some water with my meal. Can you please go buy me a bottle of water? And bring some cold drinks for my friend as well."

Marilyn racked her brains and gave her the names of several cold drinks, which would not be found in the hospital's store. If she managed to send this woman away from the hospital, she could plot her escape.

Although the woman was suspicious, her boss had told her to fulfill any demands made by Marilyn, so she reluctantly nodded and left.

After the woman walked out of the door, Marilyn and Hilda looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Shut up! Stop laughing. What should we do now?" Hilda grabbed her friend's hand and asked, "What if that freak really harasses you?"

"I think he's just talking nonsense. He's out of his mind because he's desperate for a wife. I have to inform my father now, or he will be upset," said Marilyn worriedly.

Hilda nodded understandingly and said, "Okay, give him a call and I'll go pay the hospital fees. After that, we'll get out of this place!"

Marilyn quickly took out her broken phone and told her father she wouldn't come home as she was caught up with work and that she would stay over at her best friend's place.

Marilyn's father bought her story and hung up after exhorting her for a while.

When Hilda returned after settling the fees, the two sneaked out of the hospital like thieves.

Not long after they left, the mole planted in the hospital by Kendrick told his assistant that Marilyn had run away. Pushing up his glasses, the assistant nervously relayed the information to his boss, who was going over some documents, "The woman you took to the hospital this morning seems to have left. The fees have also been paid. Is she some sort of a superwoman? How could she become okay in such a short time?"

Kendrick tightened his grip on the pen and roared, "How dare she run away again?"

"Mr. Kendrick, I don't understand what is on her mind," remarked the assistant, scratching the back of his neck. He added, "She would rather blackmail you for twenty thousand than marry you?"

Standing near the big glass window, Kendrick

looked down at the heavy traffic. His arrogant expression held an imperceptible disappointment.

He had missed her so much for the last four years. This was his last chance. How could he let her go so easily?

"You'd better find a way to bring her back now. If you can't, don't bother coming back," warned Kendrick.

The assistant was scared and stumped at the same time. It was his boss's bride-to-be, how could Kendrick ask him to deal with her? However, the assistant had no choice but to think of a plan if he wanted to save his job.

After racking his brains for a while, the assistant's eyes lit up. "There's one way! She needs money for her father's treatment, so we can use that as a bait. We'll ensure he doesn't get treatment, that way she'll be forced to come to you!"

Kendrick glanced at him coldly. "If you're suggesting we put her father's life in danger, I will assume that you don't value your own life either."

"I'm not that heartless, Sir. We will tell the doctor to refuse her fees but we will pay secretly and ensure that the treatment continues," explained the assistant.

This idea was not bad. Her father's treatment would not be delayed but at the same time, she would feel that the situation was urgent. The assistant was not completely stupid. Kendrick nodded in agreement and asked his assistant to execute the plan.

Meanwhile, Marilyn and Hilda had finally managed to collect her father's medical fees with the money they got from Kendrick and were rushing to the hospital.

"Shouldn't we be worried about the swelling on your hand?" asked Hilda, looking at Marilyn's arm with concern.

"My hand is not a big deal. Let's figure it out later. We'd better pay my father's medical fees first. He will be in big trouble if the medicine is stopped."

When they reached the hospital, the clerk searched on the computer for a long time. Being unable to find the records, she returned the money in confusion. "I'm sorry, lady. There is something wrong with this patient's data. It seems that the hospital has blocked his treatment. You'd better speak to the attending doctor," he suggested.

"How is that possible? We have been paying the medical fees on time. How can we be blacklisted? My father's treatment can't be stopped. He's almost recovered now. I..."

"I don't know. Maybe you have offended someone. Go and ask the attending doctor," said the man behind the counter impatiently and turned to attend to the others who were waiting for him.

He assumed that they must have not paid the fees on time and that was why they were blacklisted. He didn't want to talk to these rascals anymore, no matter how pitiful they pretended to be.

"Forget about him! Let's go and find the attending doctor together," Hilda snapped at the clerk and ushered Marilyn to the doctor's office.

After hearing their situation, the doctor frowned and said, "Little girl, it's not that we are making things difficult for you. You have offended someone you shouldn't have."

"That's impossible. We always abide by the law and never provoke anyone. How can we offend anybody?" Hilda defended Marilyn.

"Do you know a Mr. Kendrick?"

Marilyn was confused and was about to answer, when the local financial news was broadcast on the TV in the doctor's office. The CEO of the CF Group had attended a grand award banquet. The handsome, eligible bachelor's presence attracted many people's attention in and out of the industry.

The camera zoomed in to the face of the CEO. The face on the screen belonged to the same cold and arrogant bastard, who was in the hospital this morning!

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