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   Chapter 75 Scream

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"Mommy, let me tell you. Many people are swimming by the sea. It's the first time I've touched the sea. It's so comfortable." As soon as they finished eating, Randy ran to Rebecca happily, with excitement on his face.

"Have you learned how to swim?" Seeing a thin layer of sweat on his red face, Rebecca took out a tissue from the table and wiped the sweat for him.

"I don't dare to stay in the deep water area, so I can only wear a swimming ring and play in the shallow water area." Although he couldn't swim in the water as flexibly as a mermaid, Randy was already satisfied.

"That's great. As long as you learn how to swim, you can get rid of the swimming ring and swim freely in the sea in the future." There was some comforting power in Rebecca's voice.

"Mommy, can you swim?" Randy looked up at Rebecca.

Uh... Rebecca shook her hand, "I don't know how to swim, either."

"Rebecca, I can teach you how to swim in the future." Edmund's warm breath sprayed on her ears, causing her to feel itchy. She couldn't help rubbing her ears.

"Let's talk about it later!" In fact, Rebecca was not interested in swimming.

"What if I insist?" A weird smile appeared at the corners of Edmund's mouth. No one could guess what he was thinking.

Looking at him with a silly smile, Rebecca thought it was useless to argue with him now. It would be better to wait and see.

Carla also felt the strange atmosphere. She immediately took Randy to dinner. After playing for so long, his stomach should be protesting.

The butler, Lily, had already prepared their dinner in advance when she saw them coming back. So when they went to the dining table, they could have dinner directly.

Edmund took Rebecca upstairs. Leaning against the window and looking at the sea in the distance, Rebecca suddenly felt relaxed. She asked curiously, "Edmund, I didn't expect you to buy a villa here. You are so prescient."

"I bought this villa because of you!" After a moment's silence, Edmund said in a slightly clear voice.

Rebecca looked at him in surprise. She didn't know the villa's existence until she came here. She pointed at herself in confusion and asked in disbelief, "Because of me?"

"Because you have escaped from me for so many years, I have never given up looking for you. I swear in my heart, no matter where you are, I will not give up looking for you. That's why I buy the house here. I hope one day, I will find you and bring you here, so that I can prove that I have succeeded." Edmund lowered his head and looked at her with passionate eyes.

"I see!" Then she understood why he insisted on travelling here when Randy mentioned travel.

"Let's go to the ends of the earth tomorrow. I want to witness my dream come true there." Edmund had been to that place once before. When he went to the hospital with gastrorrhagia, he made a decision in his heart that he would sneak out and fly to the ends of the earth before the doctor approved him to l

erested in it. So he turned his evil eyes and gave her a warning look. Seeing that she was serious at once, he withdrew his sight with satisfaction. Then his eyes fell on the two people sitting on the ground. He was irritated and shouted angrily, "Get out of here!"

Lily immediately took her daughter downstairs, hoping to disappear in front of Mr. Edmund as soon as possible. Just now, Mr. Edmund looked at them as if they were two dead people. She didn't want to live such a miserable life when she was old.

Looking at the backs of the mother and daughter, a satisfied smile flashed through Carla's eyes. When she turned around and looked at Edmund again, the smile had disappeared. She said calmly, "I'm taking Randy to take a shower!"

Edmund said softly, "Okay." At this moment, he didn't care about these here. He waved his hand and asked them to do what they should do. Randy was originally standing next to Carla. When the other people left, he stretched out his head and wanted to see his mother. He happened to see his mother. Before he smiled, he was stared at by Edmund, and then he was taken away by Carla.

Randy was very depressed. He hadn't greeted his mother just now, and this stingy man really made him very depressed. So when he was about to enter the room, he turned his head and saw the empty corridor. He immediately shrugged his little shoulders helplessly.

Although Carla didn't know one hundred percent of what Randy was thinking when she looked at Randy at the moment, she guessed about eighty percent. She was amused and patted his little hand to comfort him silently.

Edmund's mood was ruined by the girl. He must be in a bad mood now. If Randy squeezed next to Rebecca, it would definitely be Edmund's punching bag.

Unexpectedly, the girl had been taught a lesson today, and she was still thinking about something. Just now, she dared to appear in Edmund's eyes fearlessly. She was really brave. No one knew what about her shins?

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