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   Chapter 74 Turning Over

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When Belinda saw the strong man who suddenly appeared, she was so frightened that she kept trembling, especially when she heard what Edmund said. She felt darkness in front of her and quickly said to Edmund, "Mr. Edmund, why?"

"Why?" Edmund sneered with disdain, "If a girl is twittering all day long, you'd better be the kind of bird in the sky instead of appearing on the land."

"I just want to show my enthusiasm and hospitality. Is it wrong for me to be cheerful and talkative?" Belinda pretended to be aggrieved and looked at Edmund. She knew that men liked women like this, because it could satisfy their desire to conquer.

But obviously, she had miscalculated Edmund. He was not an ordinary man. Now only the tears of Rebecca would affect his heart in the world, so he impatiently repeated, "Take her away!"

In less than a few minutes, Leo had already taken Belinda away. When Rebecca came back, Belinda had been taken to certain corner. She looked around in confusion and asked, "Where is Belinda?"

"I threw her into the sea!" Edmund looked at the coconut in her hand and said lightly.

With her eyes wide open, she thought, 'Did I really guess right?'

"Stop being so stupid!" Edmund couldn't stand her being so stupid.

Slowly, Rebecca closed her mouth and ignored Belinda. She had saved Belinda out of kindness just now, but Belinda didn't appreciate it.

The two of them continued to walk slowly together. While walking, Rebecca held a coconut in her hand and drank it, enjoying it very much. Seeing her satisfied expression, Edmund grabbed her straw and took a big gulp.

Looking down at his head, Rebecca wanted to hit him on the head. Just now she asked him if he wanted it or not, but he ignored her words. Now he came to grab it from her again. Humph!

After walking for a long time, Rebecca finally stopped in pain, and so did he. His evil and attractive face was full of doubts.

"My foot hurts!" Rebecca shamelessly sat down on the sightseeing chair next to her.

Edmund wanted to pull her up, but she collapsed on the chair and said, "I can't walk anymore!"

Edmund glared at her and suddenly crouched down with his back to her. Seeing his move, Rebecca, who was still acting shamelessly, was stunned like a sculpture. What did he mean? Was it the same as she thought?

"I'll count three numbers. If you haven't moved, you can crawl back by yourself." "Three..." said Edmund, ignoring others' gazes.

As soon as he finished speaking, Rebecca climbed up his broad back quickly. Smelling his refreshing smell, she was really shocked. She didn't expect that Edmund would squat down his noble body and carry her home. At this moment, Rebecca didn't think he was that hateful. He still had a soft heart in his heart, but he didn't show it often.

Along the way, many passers-by looked at her with envy. At this moment, she suddenly had a wonderful feeling of "turning over".

"Rebecca, you need to e

Thinking of Edmund's personality, Rebecca nodded in agreement.

At this moment, her eyes were attracted by a lotus throne carved with jade on the bookshelf of the study. The white jade was faintly shining with multicolored light. Needless to say, it was a sacred product. It should be a priceless treasure.

"Is it beautiful?" Edmund asked with an ambiguous expression.

"It's so exquisite that no flaws can be found. And the colorful light circulating in the jade seems to be alive. It's really a treasure of natural workmanship." With her eyes still fixed on the lotus seat, Rebecca marveled in her heart, 'It's worth it to see such a treasure and experience a sacred baptism by eyeballs!'

"I got it from a collector. At the beginning, he didn't want to sell it, but he happened to encounter difficulties at that time. I helped him solve the difficulties, and he gave it to me." In fact, Edmund liked this one the most for the treasures in the villa. When he came here this time, he also wanted to take it back to A City.

Hearing what Edmund said with great interest, Rebecca believed that the collector must have met a lot of trouble since the collector gave up so generously.

Rebecca's stomach was making a sound.

Just as she was about to speak, her stomach rang out at an inappropriate time. She quickly covered her empty stomach and shyly looked up. When she met his half smiling eyes, she was so ashamed that she wanted to drill into a hole in the ground.

"Are you hungry?" There was a smile in his voice, and even his cold features seemed to soften, making him look very approachable.

"A little!" Rebecca's voice was so low that she didn't even dare to look up at him.

Edmund burst into laughter. He hugged Rebecca and said happily, "Let's feed the glutton in your stomach."

The two of them walked out of the study at the same time and closed the door. But because Edmund didn't use much strength, the door was only half closed.

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