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   Chapter 72 Plan

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It took them about half an hour to return to Edmund's villa near the sea. The Butler had already stood by the door and walked up to them as soon as he saw them.

Edmund had bought this villa for a few years, but he had never shown up. Now they all appeared, and she felt very surprised, because she heard that Mr. Edmund was still unmarried, but now he had a wife and a child. Her eyes flashed, and she was thinking about so many things in her mind.

Inside the villa, all the designs were simple, with black and white. Only the curtain of the French window was a little yellow, which brought a touch of warmth to the cold color design.

"Mommy, let's go to see the sea now, okay?" Randy walked up to Rebecca excitedly and looked up at her expectantly.

"Your mommy wants to be with me." It was heartless for Edmund to defend the ownership of Rebecca like this.

"You are not a child. Why do you stick to Mommy all day long?" Randy was angry this time. He didn't even touch the hem of his mother's clothes along the way, but Edmund still had to continue this unfair treatment. He had to fight back.

He was a childish adult! Rebecca thought to herself secretly.

But in the next second, to everyone's surprise, Edmund unexpectedly put Randy on his thigh, turned Randy over, and patted his little butt.

Randy was stunned for a second, and then realized that he had been hit on butt, but he didn't cry.

"Are you crazy?" When Rebecca realized what had happened, she wanted to save Randy at once. However, Edmund looked at her with a warning look and stopped her from doing anything.

Carla also held Rebecca's hand. They looked at each other. Seeing her mother's silent advice, she calmed down and clenched her fists quietly.

Fortunately, Edmund put down Randy quickly. Rebecca helped Randy take off his clothes. Seeing the red mark, she almost cried. She had never hit her son, and only this heartless man could do it.

"Come here!" Seeing that Rebecca took off Randy's pants, Edmund's mood suddenly turned good.

With her eyes wide open, Rebecca huffed, "I'm just..." Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by Carla.

"Rebecca, keep your voice down. You almost deafened me. Do you feel uncomfortable with the new environment?" There was a comforting tone in Carla's faint voice.

All of Rebecca's anger was immediately deflated like a deflated ball. She blushed shyly. She lost her manner in front of her mother. She must be very careful next time.

"Mom, I just..." Rebecca wanted to ease the atmosphere, but was interrupted again. She looked at the door speechlessly.

"Mom, who's at home?" A fiery red figure jumped into the door. When she saw Edmund and the others, her eyes widened in surprise, especially when her eyes were focused on Edmund's face. She was surprised that there was such a handsome man in the world. Her heart began to beat fast.

"Belinda, come here. This is Mr. Edmund, the owner of this villa, and his family." The Butler, Lily Huang, waved at her daughter.

When Belinda Pan heard that Edmund had married and had a lovely son, a sense of loss rose

e will never have a rich life now." Lily Huang warned her daughter to give up that idea. That man was unpredictable, but from his eyes, she could see that Mr. Edmund had a deep feeling for his wife, and no one else could interfere.

"Mom, think about it from another perspective. Men nowadays are not faithful to a woman. They are just not tired of women. One day, when they feel bored with their women, they will dream of bright and beautiful flowers outside all day long. I believe that my own beauty can definitely win his heart. If I can win him in the future, you and father will enjoy the great life. " Belinda Pan had been dreaming about a bright future. Now she was young and beautiful, and she believed that Mr. Edmund would be hooked. During these days, she must think carefully about a strategy to attract Mr. Edmund's attention.

"My daughter is right. As long as she can get on Mr. Edmund's boat, our family will definitely be prosperous in the future, and this villa worth millions of dollars will also be under Jeff's name." Jeff Pan was the driver who went to pick them up just now. Carla didn't expect that this honest man also had such a bad side in his heart.

"Honey, it seems that we are really selling our daughter. Let's forget about these things and bury them in our hearts. With the rich salary that Mr. Edmund gives us, we can also live a rich life." Lily Huang still didn't think it was a good idea.

"What a woman!" There was a strong sense of disgust in Jeff Pan's's tone.

"Mom, don't worry. You have to believe in my charm. Even if Mr. Edmund is a man with strong will, he can't withstand my charm in front of me." Belinda Pan was impatient with her timid mother.

"My dear daughter, work hard!"

Carla couldn't bear to hear the last words. She didn't expect a young girl to have such a thought. She was wondering if Edmund would fall into the tenderness deliberately created by Belinda Pan. She would wait and see. She hoped that Edmund wouldn't let her down. If he could pass her test this time, she would admit the existence of Edmund.

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