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   Chapter 71 Poor Travel

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"Mommy, will Lisa take revenge on us?" Randy suddenly asked.

Shocked, Rebecca looked at him and asked subconsciously, "Why?"

Even Edmund turned his head to look at him.

"Because my father asked her to kneel down and apologize just now. The malicious eyes in her eyes seemed to tear us apart. I'm really afraid." Randy was still scared by that look.

Hearing what Randy said, Rebecca was shocked. Yes, in public, Edmund just humiliated Lisa like this. With unruly character and hatred in the heart, if Lisa did something bad, which they could not guard against.

"I'll ask someone to keep an eye on Randy in the kindergarten. When he comes back, I'll ask Nick to keep an eye on him. You have me by your side. It's impossible for those ordinary people to get close to you." Edmund held Rebecca's hand and comforted her.

He didn't take Lisa seriously. What could an unruly woman do? He didn't make difficulty for Lisa this time. In fact, there was a deep meaning behind it, which was to let Lisa pester Oliver and leave Oliver no time to entangle with Rebecca.

Hearing this, Rebecca felt a little relieved. More importantly, she thought that Edmund was the chief culprit, and the one who should be blamed should be framed. Even if Lisa took revenge, she should still come to Edmund. With Edmund's skills, he would not suffer any loss.

"Randy, you have to remember that from now on, don't talk casually to strangers coming to you, and stay away from suspicious people." Rebecca said to Randy carefully.

"Mommy, I know. Your son is not that stupid. You have to believe me." Randy nodded like a little adult.

Touching the tip of his nose, Rebecca said lovingly, "I believe you!"

"There is Taekwondo in the kindergarten. Why don't you learn it?" Edmund asked Randy indifferently and tapped the window sill with his finger.

Randy knew that he hadn't thought about this question. He remembered the fighting skills of Edmund and Oliver. After thinking for a while, he nodded solemnly and said, "I'll sign up from tomorrow on!"

"En," said Edmund. He took a look at him and said indifferently, "Don't tell anyone in the kindergarten that I'm the director."

"Got it!" Randy nodded. He was not that vain.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly became quiet. After a while, Randy said excitedly, "Mommy, it's going to be golden week soon. I'll have seven days off. Let's go out for a trip, okay? Isabella told me that her father would take her to travel around the world every year. I also want to go out and see the beautiful scenery she said. "

Looking down at the deep desire in Randy's eyes, Rebecca felt a little sad. She raised Randy up by herself. Her salary was only enough for living, without extra money to spend, or even a luxury trip.

She also wanted to agree, but now they were all staying with Edmund. Without his permission, she dared not directly agree, so she could only delay the topic. "Then where do you want to travel?"

"I don't know. Mommy, where do you think is more interesting?" Randy hadn't traveled before, so he couldn't make the decision.

"I haven't gone on a trip, so I don't know either!" Rebecca shrugged. She was telling the truth. She had been to B City for the furthest place in her life, except for

smiled. His handsome smile softened his evil darkness, making people feel very comfortable.

Rebecca smirked. Then she looked at the blue and spacious sky, where white clouds were floating continuously. She seemed to hear the sound of waves beating the shore. She had the impulse to jump into the cold sea.

"What are you smirking at?" Edmund patted her fair face and felt confused. He had never seen her smile so silly in his life, so he was curious.

"Nothing!" Obviously, Rebecca didn't want to say anything more. She just looked back at him indifferently.

"You can't keep secrets from me!" Edmund said in a domineering tone. He encircled Rebecca with his arms and threatened her fiercely. The calm expression on his face made people feel uneasy for no reason.

Rebecca struggled uncomfortably. Seeing that he didn't make fun of her, she thought for a while, licked her dry lips and said, "I want to see the boundless sea. I've never been to the sea in my life."

"I thought it was something important. Don't worry. I will take you to see the sea and listen to the sound of the waves beating the coast." Edmund pinched her nose.

Rebecca nodded and thought to herself, 'Now that I'm here, I need you take me out to see the sea? I can go by myself.'

But what she didn't know was that when Edmund came over, he didn't intend to take her to see the sea. He just wanted to lock her in the villa by the sea and didn't let her go out to meet other strangers. If that brat wanted to play, Carla could take him everywhere.

"Mommy, hurry up!" Randy made a horn with his hands in front of them and shouted.

Randy was in a good mood. He left all the etiquette behind here and just wanted to enjoy the happiness of this trip.

"You brat, what are you shouting?" Edmund cast a sharp glance at Randy and thought. 'Boy is not cute, Randy only disturbed me and Rebecca. It's better to have a daughter.' Thinking of Isabella's cute and considerate side, Edmund wanted a daughter very much.

Before Randy could say anything, he swallowed it immediately and stopped looking at Edmund. He held Carla's hand and walked forward. Sure enough, grandma was better to him!

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