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   Chapter 29 He Lacked A Sense Of Security

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Seeing the caller ID on the phone, Edmund really wanted to curse. He didn't have time to punish him, but now he came to disturb him again. He said viciously, "Manager Lin, if you don't have a perfect reason to call me, you are fired from now on."

Manager Lin tremble with fear. He immediately broke into a cold sweat and said, "Mr. Edmund, we have thrown out the drunken man just now. Do we still have to follow him all the time?"

"Loser! If you have to ask me for these things, why shouldn't I fire you? " Edmund was almost infuriated by manager Lin.

Manager Lin was so scared that his legs went limp. He sat on the ground and said in a trembling voice, "it's my fault!"

"If it happens again, you know the consequences!" Edmund hung up the phone coldly.

Manager Lin hesitated. What did Mr. Edmund mean? Please forgive him that he was not as intelligent as Mr. Edmund. After a while, he felt that the thing was not important anymore, so he decisively decided not to follow the drunk man.

Turning around, Edmund saw that Rebecca was tucked in the quilt of the air conditioner. He couldn't help laughing. Did she think that she could escape from being "eaten" by shrinking in the quilt?

It was a long night. They had plenty of time. He lifted the quilt and pressed on her body, feeling that she was trembling unconsciously. He said softly, "let's do exercises together, Rebecca!"

"No way!" His warm breath sprayed on her ears, and she felt that her teeth began to tremble. She remembered what happened just now. The drunk man gave the disgusting feeling to her ears.

"No, you have to stand it!" He didn't want to stop.

"I'm not feeling well today. Can you let me have a rest?" She turned around and looked at him seriously.

"I will make you comfortable!"

"I'm not kidding!"

"I'm serious!"

After the two of them finished speaking, they looked at each other without blinking. After a long time, the silent battle between the two was interrupted by Edmund. He pulled the quilt to cover the two of them, letting the temperature in the quilt continue to rise.

When Rebecca got up in the next morning, she opened the door and saw Randy squatting on the ground. She was shocked and squatted down with concern. "Randy are you okay? Why are you sitting here? "

"Mommy, I'm waiting for you here!" The soft sound of Randy made her feel sorry. She stretched out her hands to hold Randy, but a pair of big hands took a step ahead. She looked at the man with disappointment.

"You can only hug me!" Seeing her sad face, Edmund said in a good mood.

"Mommy, when I grow up, I will hold you!" Randy knew that nominally "father" was very peremptory. He was a little and weak boy, and now he was not a match for this a bit of a nuisance.

"Okay!" Although she knew that these were just child's words, she was happy to hear what her son said.

"How dare you?" Edmund looked at his son angrily.

"I will defeat you one day!"

"Now you have to listen to me, understand?" Seeing his chubby face, Edmund felt itchy and pinched it.

Randy looked at Edmund in disgust. His little face was so innocent that it was rubbed by him like this. What if he couldn't become handsome?

Rebecca also looked at Edmund's hand worriedly. Fortunately, he didn't pinch Randy so hard. She took a deep breath


"Mr. Edmund, breakfast is ready!" Jena said to them respectfully, with her hands clasped.

"Mommy, I want to go out for breakfast. Didn't you promise me to have a big meal today?" He was afraid that Rebecca would break her promise, so he bit his lips and looked at her nervously.

"You are a little baby boy!" Edmund said in disgust.

"You too! You stick to my mommy all day long and don't let me spend time with her. You are a bad guy! " Randy fought back, not to be outdone. He won't admit that he was holding a grudge against Edmund for taking his mother away last night.

Rebecca was so frightened that his heart almost stopped beating. Randy didn't know how cold Edmund was. If Edmund got angry, she didn't know what extreme things he would do.

"I'm her man. If I don't stick to her. Should I follow you as a nanny do?" Edmund said with squinting his eyes. A deadly danger came out of him.

Randy was suddenly speechless. Depressed, he turned his face away, not wanting to see his complacent face again.

"Randy, Jena made breakfast for us. We can't waste them, so let's go shopping after breakfast, okay?" Rebecca said gently.


Edmund's eyes turned red as he looked at Rebecca, who had never been so gentle to him in the past. Her mind was totally full of the little boy. He looked at Randy viciously.

"Mommy, I'm afraid of him!" Randy wrinkled his cute face. Edmund's eyes were full of murderous will, which could not be resisted by a little kid like him.

"You brat, do you believe that I will throw you to the ground?" Edmund said in an unfriendly tone.

"Well, you two stop playing in the early morning. Mrs. Rebecca is hungry!" Jena decided to ease the tense atmosphere, before Rebecca could say anything, Edmund glanced at Rebecca and noticed the worry in her eyes. He was a little angry, but he still put down Randy. The family of three ate breakfast steadily, and only the crisp sound of bowl and chopsticks colliding with each other was heard on the table.

After breakfast, Edmund saw that the mother and son were happily preparing to go out. He wanted to stop them from going out, but finally he decided to go out with them. Edmund didn't go shopping with Rebecca though they had known each other for a long time. At that time, she was timid and coward, holding a glass of coffee trembled and walked toward him. Since then, she had aroused his curiosity.

"Are you going with us?" When Randy and Rebecca went out, she saw Edmund was following them, so she asked in confusion.

Both Randy and Rebecca didn't want their family time to be ruined by Edmund. He was capricious and moody, as if he had buried a bomb around them.

"Why not? Can't I go out with you?" A charming smile appeared on the corner of Edmund's mouth, but in Rebecca's eyes, he was like a Satan who came to her world and cruelly cut off her life.

Rebecca trembled slightly. Although she had been stronger than before, her fear for him in the deep of her heart had never changed, but she had occasionally ignored it on purpose. "I don't mean that!"

"You'd better promise that you're telling the truth. I don't allow you to lie to me." Edmund held her slender wrist, his eyes filled with coldness.

"Do you lack a sense of security?" A lovely voice reached their ears clearly.

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