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   Chapter 27 Being A Fury Because Of Her

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"Manager Lin, you should know what to do with the people in charge of this area? I haven't seen anyone until now. Is it their dereliction of duty or your dereliction of duty?" Feeling the trembling girl in his arms, Edmund became more arrogant. "I want to hear a satisfactory reason tomorrow. I spend so much money on you every year, not to waste resources here."

"I know!" Manager Lin felt that his future was dark. He almost burst into tears. He worked hard in this position, but was destroyed by the two lazy employees. If they came back, they would definitely suffer a bad result.

When he was full of complaints, he caught a glimpse of the two waiters who had just come back from the corner of his eyes. He shouted, "where have you been during working hours?"

When the waiter and the waitress saw the manager's dark face, they thought something was wrong. If the manager knew what they had just done, they would be punished severely.

"I'm sorry, manager!" The two lowered their heads in fear and apologized.

"Tell me! Where did you go just now? " The manager straightened his face and gave a loud shout, showing his majesty.

"Manager, I..." The waitress, blushed and didn't know how to answer. In a panic, she winked at the male waitress next to her, hoping that he could save her.

The waiter also felt helpless. It was all their fault that the two of them couldn't control themselves. They wanted to sneak out for half an hour with a pager. If there was anything wrong with them, the waitress who helped them to look at the scene temporarily would give a call. The calling device hadn't rung for half an hour. Who knew that there would be something wrong.

"Manager Lin, you don't have to judge them. They must have just come back from doing something unspeakable." Austin often went to fancy places. He could tell what was going on from the subtle atmosphere between the two waiters without thinking!

"I don't want to see them again!" Edmund glared at them irritably. It was all their fault that Rebecca was insulted like this.

"And this man, send him to the dark hall and treat him 'well'." Before manager Lin could answer, Edmund pointed at the drunk man on the ground and said.

The man, who was about to lie on the ground and pretend to be dead, looked at Edmund blankly, with a flash of great panic in his eyes. Of course he had heard of the "dark hall". It was said that it was a punishment place here. If anyone was sent there, it would be like living in deep distress and suffering, and life was worse than death.

"Mr. Edmund, please let me go! I was drunk just now, so I was ignorant to offend your woman. I was wrong! " The man held Edmund's leg and begged pitifully.

Edmund frowned tightly. When he saw the man's tears and snot on his face, a touch of disgust flashed through his eyes quickly. He said coldly, "Get lost!"

"No!" The man was out of his mind and cried like a spoiled woman.

Everyone got goose bumps and shivered unconsciously.

Edmund couldn't stand it anymore. He kicked the man hard, and the man loosened his grip and covered his painful chest. He gasped and looked at Edmund. 'It seemed that he had unintentionally offended a very important person. Was he going to lose his life here today?' No!

No matter how reluctant he was,

he had to be taken away by the security guards who came in a hurry.

"Edmund, will you really skin him?" Greg looked at the man who was struggling desperately with an interesting look.

"Didn't he want to take advantage of Rebecca?" With a sinister smile, Edmund said, "I will make him only look at women but can't do any thing with them all his life!"

Looking at Edmund with a complicated look in her eyes, Rebecca actually felt Edmund's anger at the moment. Needless to say, he was a neat freak. It must be someone else who had touched his belongings that caused his anger. Rebecca didn't dare to think more about that.

Greg felt a chill on his back and his buttocks tightened. He immediately looked at the man with sympathy, and felt sorry for him in his heart. This was the end of provoking Edmund!

Looking at the other people, who all had the same expression as Greg. However, Edmund ignored other people's thoughts. He directly hugged Rebecca, and now he just wanted to go home with him.

Everyone watched them leave. After a long while, Greg looked away and fixed his eyes on the two waiters. If it weren't for their dereliction of duty, nothing would have happened to Rebecca. He looked at them coldly.

The two waiters were so frightened that their legs began to tremble. Just now, they had asked another colleague to help them, but they didn't expect that he was now gone.

Greg snorted at them. Then he held his wife's hand and said, "let's go home!" After such a thing happened, they had no mood to enjoy anymore.

Austin also left with them, leaving them alone in the corridor. He was not interested in knowing the ending of the two waiters.

Edmund was sitting in the car with Rebecca in his arms. When he saw the red mark on her neck, he felt very angry, and the low pressure had not left him. After thinking for a while, he picked up a handkerchief from the car, poured the water on it, and heavily wiped Rebecca's face, neck and chest. He wished he could kill that man thousands of times.

Seeing his dark eyes, he didn't dare to snort, fearing that he would vent his anger on her. The pain from the handkerchief was unbearable. She had been born to pay off her debt all her life. If she had been at home with the basketball tonight, such a thing wouldn't have happened.

"That bastard's life will be a living hell. when he dares to touch you, I will make him regret what he has done today." Edmund gritted his teeth hard.

The man's smell and his gasp made Rebecca scared. Thinking of his wet tongue, she couldn't help shivering. Thinking about that made her want to vomit. She covered her mouth and twisted her beautiful face. However, she found that Edmund looked very ferocious. He stared at her without saying anything.

"If you dare to vomit here, I'll break your legs!" Edmund became a neat freak again. Thinking of the disgusting smell in the car makes him want to spew. "Get out!"

She was about to nauseate. As soon as Edmund finished his words, Rebecca couldn't help vomiting. A pool of vomit was all spat out on Edmund. The puke slipped from his clothes to the carpet of the car, and a sour smell filled the whole workshop.

Edmund was stunned for a second, and then he looked at Rebecca. He frowned subconsciously, and he seemed to get angry.

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