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   Chapter 10 The Resentment Of Mrs. Elena

Desire To Have You In My Arms By Huo Wuer Characters: 6928

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Standing at the door in the light, Edmund looked at the back of Carla unfathomably. The sun shone on him, but it couldn't dispel his coldness.

After standing silently for a while, Edmund strode upstairs. He felt very uneasy if he didn't see Rebecca for a while, fearing that she would disappear in the blink of an eye.

Sitting on the bed, Rebecca put her arms around her feet and rested chin on her knees. Hearing the sound, she didn't even look at him. She fell into her own thoughts quietly, emitting an aura of isolation and alienation.

Edmund held her in his arms and buried his face in her hair. After a while, he said, "Your mother has gone back."

Without saying a word, Rebecca still kept the same move. No one knew what she was thinking.

"I'm talking to you!" Seeing her silent protest, Edmund became a little angry.

"Then what?" Turning her head to look at him with difficulty, she found the spectacle of his suffering. With a disdainful smile, she thought, 'Does a devil will also suffer?'

If Edmund really wanted to strangle the girl in front of him, his heart wouldn't be so painful all the time, as if it was bitten by thousands of insects and his heart was bleeding, but he just couldn't bear to leave. If there was no her in this world, he would live like a walking dead in this world.

Once, he missed her so much that he went to the hotel to get drunk. A woman took advantage of him and wanted to take advantage of him. At that moment, he wanted to let go of himself and go to the hotel with that woman. But when he smelled the strong perfume on the woman, he only felt disgusted, without the faint aroma-ching of Rebecca.

This time, he had to tie her to him all the time, not letting her leave. He bit her shoulder with red eyes, and a tear fell from the corner of his eyes and fell on her neck.

Feeling the coolness on her neck, Rebecca sneered. 'Did he also cry?' He stirred up her life in the name of love and it was so unforgivable!

"I have been looking for you for so many years, and every time I get disappointment. If I didn't monitor your mother every second, I would have missed you again this time." Edmund's eyes darkened.

It turned out that he had been spying on her mother all the time. In the past four years, he had been spying on his mother openly, and in the next three years, Rebecca had thought that he had given up. Obviously, he had searched for her privately. She and her mother had been deceived by him.

"Edmund, how long will it take for you to get tired of me? Or what do you like about me?" She had been pestered by him for so many years. Although she left for seven years, a strong sense of boredom rose in her heart again. She just wanted to live a simple life.

"I won't get tired of you. I will not only pester you in this life, but forever. No matter what you are being, I only want you!" Edmund said gently, but it had a deterrent power.

"You're crazy. You've completely become a madman."

"It's you drove me crazy."

"I ask myself to be kind and never have enmity with others. But you approached me step by step and pulled me into the abyss of hell. I don't want it. Do you know?" All of a sudden, he was pushed away. Rebecca's hair was disheveled and she looked like a crazy woman crying with her soul.

With his hands on the bed sheet, Edmund licked his thin lips with the tip of his tongue. Suddenly, he pounced on her and clung to her like an octopus with eigh

t claws. Although she didn't love him, she has no choice but stayed by his side. It isn't exactly a disaster for him that she would hate him in the end.

After a while, when Rebecca opened her eyes and saw the man sitting in the middle of the room, her heart jolted. She carefully picked up her clothes from the bed, quickly put them on and stood on the floor. She lowered her head and said, "Hello, Mrs. Elena!"

"Long time no see, Rebecca!" Mrs. Elena's face was cold. She had a grudge against Rebecca. Although her son didn't stay with her since he was a child, he was still born from her belly. In the past seven years, her son had lived a drunken life. She felt painful in her heart, but there was nothing she could do.

"Yes, as if it had been a lifetime. After so long a time, I thought there would be a happy and peaceful life, but I didn't expect that I would be imprisoned by him again. I can't tell whether it is a dream or a real life." Although Elena greeted her, she didn't mean that. Rebecca could tell the resentment in Mrs. Elena' words, but she should be the one who should be blamed.

"My son is so excellent, but you are so sentimental, making my son so painful. Do you feel guilty when you wake up in the middle of the night?"

What a raving woman! Rebecca looked at the elegant and dignified lady in front of her in disbelief. As long as her son was outstanding, it was guilty and ungrateful for other women to refuse her excellent son? There was no such thing in the world. She was not born to owe them. It was his own business to suffer, and it had nothing to do with her.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Isn't my son good? Over the years, he has never given up looking for you. He has been living a drunken life every day. His stomach illness was caused by drinking. He is my son. I feel sorry for him. He went to the hospital because of stomach bleeding. It was all caused by your leaving. " Mrs. Elena was mad. Her son stand for the hope of the family and her. She would never allow her son to be ruined by a woman.

"I know you love your son, but I also have a mother. I always feel pain and despair since he was in my life. Don't you feel sorry for my mother?" Rebecca was not the coward girl seven years ago. She was going to fight for her son and herself.

"As long as you stay by my son, there will be no root cause of pain, not to mention that you have given birth to a successor for your family." Elena's face softened a little, but she was still angry.

"Randy is mine and has nothing to do with your family. If you wants to have a successor, ask Edmund to have a child with a woman." If anyone wanted to take her son, she would fight with him desperately.

"Randy has the blood of our family. In the past seven years, you didn't tell us the existence of him, but took him to suffer a lot outside. How could you say that?" Mrs. Elena raised her voice. She came to solve their relationship out of kindness, but she didn't expect that Rebecca would refuse her, which made Elena so angry!

"I gave birth to Rand. He is mine. You can't take him away from me." At the thought of this rich and powerful family, it would be a piece of cake for them to take her baby son away, so Rebecca was extremely panicked.

"Really?" Mrs. Elena screamed and her face twisted, and that convulsed her face. She rushed forward and slapped at the fair and tender face of Rebecca.

Edmund noticed that.

"Stop it!"

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