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   Chapter 9 Suspicion

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Randy pouted and looked at the crowd aggrievedly. 'Mommy wasn't belong to that jerk. She had been with him since he was a child. Now Mommy's life was occupied by this bad man, and Mommy was still haggard…' All Randy's negative thoughts suddenly told him that.

He was suddenly bursting into tears. Earth shattering cries and roars rang out at the door. The swallow flying in front of the door couldn't help but tremble and almost fell down.

"Randy, don't cry. I'm here!" Hearing his cry, Rebecca felt a pang of pain in her heart. She hadn't seen him had tears falling since he said he was a little man.

"Mommy, hug me please!" There was a heavy nasal sound in the sound of Randy. He stretched out his arm with red eyes.

"Edmund, let go of me!" Rebecca struggled to get off the ground. All she wanted now was to comfort the baby in her heart.

"No way!"


Edmund cried even louder. Edmund face darkened. The little boy was so explosive that he felt a little pain in his eardrum.

"Randy, don't cry! Let me hug you! " Seeing the pitiful look on the Randy's face, Jena rushed over to hug him, but Randy dodged.

"I want mommy to hold me!" Randy screamed vaguely, and at the same time, he glared at the man who was being too difficult. Although Randy cried so hard, but he didn't move at all, which made Randy so angry!

"Mr. Edmund, You should let go of Mrs. Rebecca. Randy is crying sadly!" Jena tried to persuade Edmund when she saw that both of them didn't give in.

With a darkened face, Edmund looked at Jena. From the corner of his eyes, he saw that the men in black were blaming him similarly. He immediately flew into a rage and said to the men in black, "You can't even watch a child. Don't you knows the serious consequences?"

The men in black quickly lowered their heads and respectfully begged for Edmund's forgiveness. They were scared to think of Mr. Edmund's means.

"Mommy..." Randy drew out the word. His mommy was living with him. Last night, his mommy did not come to say "good night" to him, and he had been sleepless the whole night. The main cause of all this was this stinky man in front of him.

"Edmund!" Rebecca fixed her eyes on him. If cold eyes could kill people, she would have killed a lot of times.

Seeing the reproachful eyes of them, Edmund really wanted Randy to be thrown out. The good things was ruined by him, and it was really unforgivable.

When Edmund and Randy stared at each other with hatred, Rebecca took the opportunity to jump down from Edmund's arms, squatted down and hugged the crying Randy, comforting him in a soft voice.

However, what she didn't know was that when she was not paying attention to Randy, he proudly showed a smile of triumph to Edmund, which made Edmund's blood rush up. His son was his rival in love in the previous life. What a correct saying goes!

"Mommy, I'm so worried about you. I couldn't sleep the whole night last night. I didn't have your good night kiss or your good night story. Look at me. Is there anything wrong with my eyes? I'm not handsome anymore. Mommy, will you not love me anymore? " Randy acted like a spoiled child on purpose. Seeing from the corner of his eyes that Edmund was so angry, the depression Randy had suffered finally dissipated.

"No matter what my baby looks like, you are my beloved son. I loves you most." At this moment, there was only Randy in her heart. But as soon as she finished speaking, she felt a gust of cold wind behind her. Confused, she turned around and saw Edmund was standing there with a face of gloomy thunder. She was so scared that she hugged Randy tightly.

"Mommy, I love you too!" Randy was proudly provoking, which made Jena the men in black next to it were sweating for him. Randy was robbing food from the mouth of a wild wolf, and it seemed that he went too far.

"Enough!" Edmund suddenly shouted. When he saw them looking at each other affectionately and the words of "affection", he felt that the destructive aura in his heart filled his whole heart. He kept breaking through the outermost layer of the wall of the heart, trying to destroy all those annoying people and things.

Although Randy was scared, his little hand tightly wrapped around Rebecca's waist. What he didn't know was that this action irritated Edmund more. He strode forward and forcefully pulled Randy away. Because of hi

s rude behavior, Rebecca fell to the ground all of a sudden, and her palm immediately felt a burning pain.

The man in black hurried forward to hold Randy that was constantly struggling. Randy's face was covered with tears and snot, which was very dirty and messy. Seeing this, Edmund frowned tightly, with a flash of disgust in his eyes.

Seeing that her son was taken away, Rebecca hurried to catch up with him. Before she could run two steps, she was lifted up by Edmund. She was angry and she struggled, but she was lifted harder, which made Rebecca almost couldn't breathe.

Although Rebecca and her son lived in the villa, it was difficult for them to stay together. She looked at the ceiling and the crystal lamp hanging on the roof with her red and swollen eyes. She felt that everything in front of her was pale, and she was very tired, as if all her strength had been taken away by someone at once.

Just at the corner of the stairs, Jena suddenly said, "Mr. Edmund there is a lady who claims to be Carla outside who wants to see you!"

There was a bright light in Rebecca's eyes again. It was her mother. All she wanted to do now was to fall herself into her mother's arms and cry, letting out all her grievances over the years.

"Let her in!" After saying that, he went straight to the room with Rebecca in his arms.

"I want to see my mother!" Hearing that, Rebecca became anxious.

Edmund didn't say a word. He held her tightly, put her on the soft bed, took off his tie and tied her hands, and picked up a piece of ragged cloth from the ground to tie up her feet. Then he said condescendingly, "you can see your mother sooner or later, but not now."

Before she could say anything, he turned around and left. After taking a few steps, he turned around and walked to the window. He removed the evidence of her escaping, put it away, closed the window, and closed the curtain. Then he walked out.

He didn't even look at her from beginning to end. He was afraid that he couldn't help strangling her because she wanted to run away. If it weren't for Randy, he would have broken her legs in anger.

"Carla, what brings you here today?" Edmund went downstairs elegantly with a smile on his cold and attractive face.

Seeing Edmund, Carla immediately stood up. Edmund motioned her to sit down, and then sat down in front of her. He looked at Rebecca's mother leisurely. Rebecca looked like Carla. Carla was elegant and generous, and she had the true inner detachment. However, Rebecca, who had the weak side of a rabbit and the wild side of a cat.

"You must be kidding, Mr. Edmund. As the ruler of the company, you are always busy. It's difficult for a nobody like me to see you." Carla said.

"Carla, you have taken care of my parents for so many years. You have done a lot for them. What's more, you have a good daughter." Edmund smiled happily and raised his eyebrows to look at Carla's stiff smile.

"Speaking of my daughter, I haven't seen her since she left seven years ago. Where do you think she is going?" Carla's eyes turned red, full of longing for her daughter.

"Auntie Carla, don't worry. Anyway, I will find out where she is. I don't believe that she will disappear in this world. I will search the world for her." Edmund looked firmly at Carla, with a bloodthirsty light flashing in his eyes.

Hearing Edmund's words, Jena, who was standing not far away, paused. Wasn't the "Rebecca" they were talking about the woman who had just escaped? It seemed that Mr. Edmund had hidden her and didn't want others to know. She should pretend to be deaf to protect herself.

Carla paid close attention to Edmund's expression. She was a careful woman, and Edmund's words made her feel a little strange, but she couldn't tell what was wrong. She could only follow his words. "Then you must tell me where my daughter is when you find her. She is my only daughter. She has been away from me for so long, and I miss her very much. If she hasn't left for seven years, what do you think?"

Edmund's eyes flashed. Carla suspected him, but she didn't have evidence. She didn't dare to mention searching the room, so she could only show the love card, hoping to arouse his guilt. But she used the wrong method. In his heart, there was only one position, which was belong to Rebecca, and the life and death of others had nothing to do with him!

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