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   Chapter 8 Let Go Of My Mommy

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Rebecca put her hand on the man's shoulder. She trembled all over and wanted to turn Edmund over, but her wrist was suddenly grabbed. She looked at the man in surprise, and saw him turn around and look at her with a smile.

All of a sudden, she looked at him angrily. He was just making fun of her. When she saw him lying there motionlessly just now, she thought a living life would disappear in front of her.

"Were you worried about me just now?" Edmund's eyes flashed and approached her face. There was a playful but imperceptible expectation in his tone.

All of a sudden, all the flames disappeared with the wind. She restrained all her emotions and said in a somewhat calm and frightening tone, "Edmund, do you think it's fun to play with me like this?"

"Yes!" Edmund nodded and said, "Yes, it's great!"

Without saying a word, Rebecca lowered her eyes. Just now, he was so frightened that she felt numb in her heart. She was not in the mood to be angry at his words.

"Mr. Edmund, are you okay? Do you want Dr. Chen to come now? " Jena came to her senses and trotted to Edmund in a hurry. She was old and easy to get scared!

"I'm fine!" Edmund talked to Jena in a cold tone, as if an emperor was looking down on his subjects.

Obviously, Jena had been used to the cold look of Edmund. Seeing the subtle atmosphere between Rebecca and him, she thought for a while and asked the men in black to leave with her, creating a quiet surroundings for the two who seemed to be at odds.

"How dare you climb down from the second floor? If I hadn't been watching the surveillance video all the time, I wouldn't have imagined that a timid girl like you would do such a crazy thing," When Edmund was driving to the company just now, he suddenly saw the surveillance video on his mobile phone which was always on. He found that his little rabbit had escaped from him, so he immediately turned the steering wheel and rushed home.

Although he knew very well that it wouldn't be that easy for Rebecca to escape, his heart suddenly panicked. A strong panic attacked his heart, fearing that he would be unable to find her as he did seven years ago. He didn't want to try a second time to lose her again.

"Edmund, you are despicable and shameless. I am an individual, not a part of you. It's illegal for you to imprison me here. Do you know? If you let go of me and Randy, or I'll sue you. From now on, we will be strangers." A trace of disgust flashed through Rebecca's eyes. She didn't know what kind of debt she had owed him in her previous life.

"You want to leave me? No way! Let me tell you, even if I'll die first, I will drag you to hell with me." A hint of cruelty flashed through Edmund's eyes. He looked at Rebecca with red eyes, full of crazy monopolizing desire.

"So many years have passed, but you are still like a lunatic, Edmund. I really feel sorry for you." Rebecca knew about that moment of him. In the desperate days when she was imprisoned, she wanted to escape every day. The more she wanted to run away, the more he tortured her. When he saw her suffering, he would show abnormal happiness.

Edmund held her hands with one hand, and gently stroked her face with the other. "I'm crazy for you. It's all your fault. It's you who appeared in front of me and made me unable to extricate myself from you. Only when I tightly tie you to my side will the deserted land in my heart regain its vitality."

"But you know, the land in my heart is covered by the black curtain, and there is no light. Only when I leave you, I will feel that life is colorful." Rebecca gave a desperate smile with desolation.

"I don't want to go on t

he walking dead life like seven years ago. If I can't have you, my world will only be dark. So even if you hate me, I will bind you to me." Edmund looked at her pale face selfishly.

"Edmund, what else can you do except plunder? Since I was eighteen years old, you have occupied my life and never cared about my will. You just want to get the pleasure in your heart and selfishly ignore the thoughts of others. "

"Rebecca, if I hadn't had you at that time, you would have run away with your dear senior. Are you blaming me for preventing you and your senior now?" At this moment, when Edmund mentioned the word "senior", he roared heavily like an irrational beast. His eyes were filled with terrifying bright red blood streaks, like Satan who came from the hell.

"If you hadn't went into my life forcefully, I wouldn't have ended up like this." Looking at him, Rebecca said word by word.

Seeing her disobedient appearance, Edmund suddenly pulled her into his arms, picked her up with great strength, and walked into the room. But when he saw the wide door, she seemed to think that it was the door of the devil. If he entered, he would feel that there was no chance of survival.

"Edmund, are you going to imprison me for a lifetime? You always take me seriously just because you can't get me. If I obey you, or if I become old in a few years, you won't pay attention to me anymore." Now it was difficult for her to escape. More importantly, he still Randy in his clutches, so she had to compromise helplessly.

"Rebecca, I love you!" Edmund said word by word, and his calm face seemed to be calm before a storm. "So, don't try to escape. If you want to escape, I will break your feet. Even if I let you sit on a wheelchair all your life, I don't want you to leave."

All of a sudden, Rebecca shivered, especially when Edmund grabbed her foot with his hand and began to exert force. Her face turned pale immediately. He really wanted to break her foot this time. What should she do? Who else can save her now? Rebecca was looking at his dark eyes in despair. He looked at her carefully, as if he had pulled her into the whirlpool and ground her into pieces.

"Edmund, are you serious? Ha ha ha..." Rebecca laughed crazily, and Edmund stopped what he was doing. He just looked at her quietly, but his body was tight. Even he himself didn't know why he was nervous.

"You only love yourself." At the end of her laugh, Rebecca looked at him breathlessly. Her face turned pink because of the laughter just now. He couldn't help but swallow. This little rabbit could always pull out the deepest desire in his heart.

"I will let you know how much I love you later." Edmund bit her red earlobe and exhaled a warm breath. In this baking summer, he made people shudder.

This time, she was completely desperate. She closed her eyes and decided to go out of sight. Suddenly, she heard the sound of Randy. "Let go of my mommy!"

When she opened her eyes and saw Randy beating Edmund's thigh angrily, she immediately felt relieved. "Randy!"

When Randy heard his mother call his name, it immediately stretched out its little hand, trying to hold his hand. Unexpectedly, Edmund looked coldly at the men in black who had just rushed over, with a warning in his eyes, which made their backs sweat. It was all their fault that they rushed out in a hurry and forgot that the door was not locked, so Randy ran out.

"Give Mommy back to me!" Randy kept jumping its short legs, but Edmund deliberately avoided it.

"Your mommy could only be mine. She only belonged to me." Even if it was his son, he would not give in. Rebecca could only stay with him.

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