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   Chapter 7 Escape

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Early in the morning, the sun sprinkled into the room through the window, reflecting a dazzling light. Occasionally, a breeze brought up the light purple curtain. The woman on the bed's delicate skin was covered with a dazzling light. The breeze gently touched her face, making her comfortable and pleasant.

Rebecca rolled her eyes slowly and then opened her somewhat blurred eyes. When she was about to sit up, a sharp pain came from her lower body. It was not until then that she remembered what Edmund had done to her last night. She hated him!

Leaning against the bed, she looked around the room but didn't find him. Then she felt relieved. She didn't want to see him.

When she saw the photo on the table, she fixed her eyes on it. It was a photo of her and him. She was sleeping with her eyes closed and he was looking at the camera. She had no impression of this photo at all. It should be taken secretly by him in the past. She didn't expect him to do such a thing. Thinking that her photo had been placed in his room for him to see day and night in the past few years, she got goose bumps.


The door was pushed open. It was not until a middle-aged woman came out with porridge and pickles that Rebecca felt hungry.

"Good morning, Mrs. Rebecca. Please come and have some food. Mr. Edmund told me when he went out just now that he was afraid that you would be hungry when you woke up." Jena looked at Rebecca with a big smile, thinking that Mr. Edmund, who had always been cold and bloodless, was so concerned about a woman, and she really felt happy for Mr. Edmund.

Although Rebecca hated everything here, she didn't have a cold face to Jena, because she was so kind, so Rebecca smiled and said politely, "Thank you. You can leave it here."

Jena nodded with a smile. Then she turned around and walked out. She picked up the landline phone at home and dialed Mr. Edmund's number to tell him everything about Mrs. Rebecca. Then she hung up the phone.

In the room, after washing her face and rinsing her mouth, Rebecca swallowed slowly and chewed elegantly. Anyway, she would not go on a hunger strike like before. That move was too stupid. Now that she had enough food, she had to save her strength to run away with Randy.

Wandering around the room, she quietly twisted the doorknob. When she saw that the door can be opened, she was overjoyed. She carefully opened a crack and peeped out, only to see two men in black looking at her expressionlessly. As if she had taken a step forward and was immediately carried back to the room, so she could only close the door in depression.

Sitting on the bed, she was so angry that she roared and then slammed on the bed. The door was guarded. How could she go out? She couldn't only sit and wait. Randy was locked by Edmund. Thinking of the scene that Randy cried, her heart began to ache.

She irritably walked around the room. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She looked at the big window. A window separated the world into two parts. Why didn't she think of it just now? She was so happy that she patted her forehead and walked toward the window. The window was opened by her unexpectedly. She stretched out her body and looked out. There were only two floors. There was an open lawn below, and there was no guard at the guardrail gate. As long as she climbed down to find Randy immediately, she would have a half chance of success to escape.


he cut the sheets into pieces and tied them into a rope. She carefully measured the length and found that it was probably long enough. Then she tied one end of the rope to the feet of the bed, tightened it with strength, and slowly crawled down along the rope.

Hanging in midair unsteadily, she was nervous. She felt dizzy and her feet kept shaking. When she accidentally saw the ground from the corner of her eyes, she was even frightened to close her eyes. After slowly calming down, she climbed down carefully.

The moment she stepped on the ground, her feet were so soft that she almost knelt down, but she had a worry in her heart. She gritted her teeth and looked up. She found that the two windows beside were covered by curtains. She thought carefully, and then she looked firmly at the door.

Hiding by the door, she saw Jena was cleaning the house. She immediately passed the door and went to the lawn on the other side. With her hand on her forehead, she looked up and saw the curtain of a window was opened. Her heart was filled with hope.

Picking up a stone in her hand, she made a praying gesture. Success or failure depended on this move. There were so many windows, only this curtain was opened. And Edmund was not at home, so her intuition was sure that Randy was in this room.

She threw the stone on the window with great strength, and a thick sound came. She was frightened and quickly looked around. If she was discovered by others, it would be more difficult for her to escape in the future.

She hid in the tree as if she were a thief and carefully stretched out half of her head to check the situation. She didn't see anyone in the yard. Her heart hanging on the cliff finally returned to the safe land.

The window was opened all of a sudden. She stretched out her hand happily. Before the smile could bloom, she was scared out of her wits. The man with a sneer suddenly appeared by the window, enjoying looking at the frightened face of Rebecca. Her pale skin was transparent in the sun, which was shocking.

"My dear Rebecca, do you want to invite me to come down?" Edmund said with a smile, but the coldness, like an ice piton condensed for thousands of years, pierced into her body fiercely.

"You..." She was too shocked to say a word. Didn't he go out? Why was he in this room now? What about her son? Where was Randy hidden by him?

"Don't worry. I'll go downstairs to accompany you now." Coldness spilled over Edmund's eyes. His little rabbit was so disobedient. At this time, she actually wanted to escape. Last night, he punished her too lightly.

Frightened, Rebecca turned around and ran away. If he caught her, her life would be dark. No one could save her this time.

"Do you want to see Randy?" Edmund's words stopped her. She slowly turned around and looked at him. Unexpectedly, she saw the next scene that her heart almost stopped.

Her eyeballs almost popped out, and her hands and feet were cold. Unexpectedly, Edmund jumped down from the window and fell directly to the grassland with his back to her, without moving at all.

"Edmund..." After a while, she came to her senses, screamed and rushed to the man who fell on the ground.

Hearing the noise, all the people in the living room rushed out. When they saw the man lying on the ground, Jena was about fainted. Fortunately, a man in black next to her held her, or she would have fell to the ground.

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