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   Chapter 6 Murderous Intent

Desire To Have You In My Arms By Huo Wuer Characters: 5837

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When Rebecca woke up, she heard a long breath before she opened her eyes. The smell and the breath went deep into her bones.

Edmund held her tightly like an octopus with eight claws. It was very troublesome for her to move. She opened her eyes and slightly turned her head to look at the man sleeping on the right side of her. At this moment, he no longer looked cruel and cold, like a child who was immersed in a sweet dream.

All of a sudden, the man turned over and loosened his grip on her. Lying on the ground and sleeping soundly, Rebecca got up gently and looked at the sleeping man without blinking. The cold and hard line on his face was a little softer because of the sound sleep, but his thin lips were tightly closed. She had heard that men with thin lips were always cold and ruthless.

This man had been entangled in her whole life since she was sixteen years old, causing her fate to change dramatically. She always wanted to escape, but she found that she still couldn't escape from his strong cage.

If it weren't for him, she would have finished college and found a stable job, and then find an honest man to live her life step by step. He messed up her whole life, making her life full of bumps.

It was all because of him!

Edmund Jun!

A trace of resentment rose in her heart all of a sudden. Her hands uncontrollably gently pinched his neck, and her hands kept trembling. There was a devil in her mind that kept urging her to push hard. As long as the man disappeared, she would be relieved.

Her eyes became blurred and she kept struggling. Her lips were already bloodshot because of the bite of her teeth. She slowly retracted her hands, and then slowly loosened them. After a few times, she collapsed to the side with sweat all over her head and cried bitterly. What should she do? She still couldn't be cruel enough to kill people. She had a lovely son and a kind mother. If she was a murderer, she wouldn't be able to see them.

When Rebecca was crying silently, Edmund opened his sharp and deep eyes, which startled her. She quickly wiped the tears with the back of her hand. When she was about to leave the source of danger, Edmund grabbed her wrist and pulled her down on him.

"Ah..." She screamed, but her tears fell more fiercely. She felt very painful.

"I was waiting just now. Did you kill me ruthlessly? I'm very satisfied with the result. If you really can do it, I will make you suffer for a lifetime. Not only will I break your hands and feet, but I will also make you unable to see your son all your life. " Edmund's chest kept shaking because of his words, and so did Rebecca.

When Rebecca was about to get up, he tightly held her waist, so she couldn't move. Her fingers kept trembling. Edmund knew her weakness and cruelly pinched it. She believed that Edmund could do what he said!

"When did you wake up?" Just now, she saw his long and slow br

eath. She thought he was asleep.

"As soon as you woke up." He had a light sleep, especially during the seven years she left. He often woke up from nightmares. Even if he fell asleep, he was restless. He would wake up as long as there was a slight noise.

Rebecca looked at him in despair. It turned out that all her actions were under his watch. Fortunately, she didn't lose her humanity and stop just now. Suddenly, something occurred to her. She grabbed Edmund's hand anxiously and asked with a pale face, "where is Randy? Where is him now? "

"I'm sending him away!" Seeing that she was so worry about her son, Edmund felt jealous for no reason, so he said crossly.

Rebecca looked at him blankly. His words were like a bolt from the blue, leaving only a red net like blood covering her eyes. She trembled and asked, "Where did you send him?" Before he could answer, she suddenly grabbed his neck like a crazy woman and shouted, "Give Randy to me! Give him back to me... "

Although he was almost out of breath, the smile at the corners of his mouth became brighter and brighter. He looked tenderly at the crazy girl. At this moment, she was not as timid as before. She was full of great courage, which was very different from her before. But he felt very interesting. The timid girl was like a mouse, but now, she was a wild cat. How wonderful it was!

"As long as you behave well, I will definitely let you and your son meet. I'm not that cold. Besides, I don't want you to be afraid. I will feel sorry for you." Edmund said softly.

Hearing that, the last string of her sanity was broken. She suddenly bit Edmund's chin and bit him hard. Seeing that he frowned slightly, she felt an abnormal sense of satisfaction in her heart. She definitely wanted him to feel painful. 'If I'm unhappy, you can't live a happy life!'

All of a sudden, Edmund made her under his body. Because of the heavy pressure, she loosened his chin. When she saw the red blood streak on his chin, her eyes were filled with madness. She swallowed and felt a strong smell of rust in her mouth. She frowned and was about to spit it out, but her mouth was blocked by Edmund first. She couldn't get rid of him.

A teardrop slipped from the corner of Rebecca's eye and spun in the air, splitting into countless fine particles. When she saw Edmund for the first time, she knew that she couldn't escape him and could only bear his weight in humiliation. His heavy gasps echoed in her ears, which was particularly clear.

What Rebecca didn't know was that Edmund looked at the sweating girl under him, with tenderness and pity in his eyes. But in the past seven years, he had lived a chaste and sober life, and he couldn't control himself when he met her again.

It was late at night!

All the secrets were integrated into the dark sky. Only when the light broke through the darkness would it bloom in front of the world.

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