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   Chapter 5 Confrontation Of Father And Son

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Edmund didn't know how long he had been staring at Rebecca quietly. When he moved his hands and feet, one side of his feet was numb. Seeing that she was still asleep, he rubbed his thighs hard and felt that the numbness on his thighs was slowly fading away. He slowly walked to the window curtain and opened it. It was dark outside, as if he was in a dark mood.

After thinking for a while, he slowly walked out. His cold and lonely back made people unconsciously feel worried. He carefully locked the door and walked to the other side of the corridor. At last, he stopped in the room at the end of the corner, with an unreadable light flashing in his eyes.

At the sight of Edmund, the man in black immediately opened the door respectfully. When Edmund entered, he immediately closed the door.

Hearing the sound of the door, Randy on the bed looked up and found that it was the man who had kidnapped his mother. He immediately rushed over, and the hatred in his eyes seemed to see an enemy who he hated most. But the ferocious face of Randy made Edmund's cold heart soften. He let Randy rush into his arms like a small train without a head, kicking him with both hands and feet.

"Bad villain, you big villain, give my Mommy back to me quickly." Although Randy was precocious, he was still a child. When he saw his mother was hidden by the man in front of him, the panic in his eyes could not be concealed.

"I will let you see your Mommy, but not now." Edmund squatted down and said in a neither light nor heavy voice, but with a trace of majesty, "So you can stop what you are doing."

Randy stopped as he said. Rolling his black eyes, he suddenly stretched out his "dragon bone claw" and pounced on him. Unfortunately, Edmund quickly grabbed his little hand and lifted him to the bed, sitting down. At the same time, Edmund squatted down and looked straight at Randy. "I won't hurt your mommy, but now your mommy is tired, so I need to have a rest. When your Mommy gets up, I'll let you see her." Edmund said unquestionable.

"I saw you knock my mommy out. You villain, don't cover up your crime. Don't bully me at such a young age!" Randy's round and cute face was full of coldness. Suddenly, a touch of cruelty that was not suitable for his age flashed through his eyes.

"You must have guessed that I am your father, so don't let me hear the word 'villain' from you anymore. If you disobey me, I will make you unable to see your mother in the future." Edmund looked at Randy and said coldly. He was happy for his son's arrival, but the "Big villain" his son said made him very unhappy.

Randy suddenly wrinkled his little face and wanted to cry, but he tried his best to hold back his tears. He didn't want to cry in front of the man who said he was his father, because it was too embarrassing. He was a little man now.

"If I listen to you, will you take me to see my Mommy?" Randy was smart enough to see the different way to solve problem.

"Of course."

"That's great, Dad!" In order to see his dear Mommy as soon as possible, it was forgivable for him to abandon a little self-esteem. Anyway, it was just a form of address.

Edmund let out

a sound indifferently, but he felt a sense of limpness and numbness in his heart. This was his own flesh and blood, the son of him and Rebecca. That was great. A burst of ecstasy slowly surged in Edmund's heart. With this son in hand, Rebecca would definitely not be able to leave him in the future.

Looking at Edmund's twisted face with a faint smile, Randy trembled unconsciously. When he met a psycho, his weak body could only be slaughtered, but he smartly ignored the abnormality of Edmund. He pulled the man who was about to sit still with his small hand. When he paid attention to him, the ball said in a sweet voice, "let's go to see my Mommy!"

"Another time!" The man refused straightforwardly.

"You have promised me just now." Randy looked at Edmund angrily, with blazing flames all over its body.

"I only promised you to see your Mommy, but not now." Edmund poked his swollen cheek. Seeing his big eyes full of grievance, he directly forgot his conscience and continued to play with his son's face.

Randy was depressed. It didn't expect that this man was so insidious. He actually played word games with him. Obviously, he was bullying him. The depressed thing was that he could only secretly get angry. He was not insidious enough. He would definitely learn from it and beat him one day.

"Don't you check my identity? If the result is not what you want, you will be an sucker." After a while, Randy said unhappily.

"If you are not confirmed that you are my son, do you think you can still sit here safe and sound? I've already sent you to hell. " Edmund said with a malicious look in his eyes.

Randy's pupils contracted violently. He would never doubt the authenticity of this man's words. He could feel his mother's fear of this man now. At this moment, he finally understood that his mother must not want to stay with this man. He swore to himself that he would get his Mommy out of the bitter sea.

Seeing Randy was shrank back in horror. Then he patted his son's face with satisfaction and said coldly, "Stay here obediently. I'll take your mommy to see you."

Randy wanted to beat his head into a pig's head, but when it thought of his weak body, it could not resist and said, "I see!"

Edmund took a look at his son and left in a hurry. He was afraid that the woman in the room would be scared if she woke up and stayed alone in the room, so he wouldn't be relieved until he saw her.

Randy went around the empty room, but didn't find a way to escape. He could only lie on the bed dejectedly, thinking of that, and slowly fell asleep.

After saying that, Edmund walked a few steps and stopped. "I want to see a well decorated children's room tomorrow!"

The men in black looked at Mr. Edmund's back with a bitter face. Time was too short, but Mr. Edmund's words were the imperial edict for them. If they couldn't complete the task tomorrow, they would become his partners of taekwondo again, and they would be cruelly beaten and have pig heads. However, no matter how much pain they wanted to release from their hearts, they left very quickly, leaving only one person to stay where they were and continue to watch Randy.

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