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   Chapter 3 Imprisonment

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When Rebecca heard his voice, the blood drained from her face. Her skin was as white as a sheet. She couldn't help trembling in his presence. Her scalp tingled and her fingertips turned icy.

"Mom!" called Randy, worried that his mother would fall down. He held her hand tightly, hoping to give her courage and warmth.

Her son's voice jolted her back to her senses. "Ah!" she cried, looking down into Randy's eyes, which were full of anxiety. There was a pang of sadness in her heart. Now that she had a son, she would have to summon the courage to face this man. Seven years had passed, and she was no longer the timid girl she used to be. She needed to take a deep breath and calm down as Randy was still beside her.

Looking boldly at the arrogant and domineering man in front of her, she straightened her spine and stepped in front of Randy. "Edmund, long time no see!" she said calmly. 'And I hope we will never see each other again.'

Looking at Rebecca's defiant stance, Edmund's eyes turned dark and dangerous. The woman, who still wanted to keep his son away from him, filled his heart with rage. She seemed to have become stronger after all these years. He wanted to clip her wings immediately so that he could manipulate her.

"So tell me, after running away and seeing the world outside, what do you feel about it? Is it beautiful? Is it fun?" Edmund eyed her hungrily like a predator. And even though he sounded calm, a storm was brewing in his dark eyes.

She was so scared that she wanted to scream, but her throat went dry.

She gritted her teeth and pleaded with her eyes. Edmund was deeply satisfied to see the panic in her eyes. It seemed that a part of the timid girl still existed inside her. This realization fired him up and a searing heat of desire coursed through his body. His eyes gleamed like that of a wolf.

He took the first step, then the second and the third…

As he stalked over to her, a little figure suddenly ran out from behind her and spread his weak arms in front of her in a protective gesture. The little boy's eyes were fierce and his face was scrunched up. It was this bad man, who made his mother very panic-stricken. At this moment, he wished that he could grow up quickly, so that no one dared to bully his mother.

Edmund wanted to hug the boy, but he had missed Rebecca for so long. He yearned for touching her and inhaling her fragrance, so he signaled the men in black behind him.

"Let me go!" shrieked Randy when he was grabbed by one of Edmund's men. He squirmed and struggled, and his desperate cries made Rebecca spring into action. She screeched and raced to rescue her baby boy, but she was intercepted halfway.

"Let me go!" howled Rebecca. She tried hard to wriggle out of the man's grasp but he was too strong to shake off. Suddenly, she spotted Randy being shoved into a car, so she bit her captor's arm ferociously. She hated Edmund so bitterly at that moment that she wanted to kill him.

"No, I won't let you go for the rest of my life. I will imprison you so that you can never leave me. And if you dare to escape, I will break your legs!" Edmund said softly, biting her earlobe teasingly. His warm breath on her skin made her feel sick.

"You are a monster. I hope you die a horrible

death! Give me my son back!" She sobbed, her eyes and nose turning red.

"How dare you keep him from me for seven years? I haven't settled accounts with you yet. Let's do it slowly tonight. You will never forget it." Edmund looked at the blood oozing from the teeth mark on his arm and felt an abnormal pleasure. His little rabbit had become feistier and he was going to punish her.

His soft voice belied his thunderous rage, which made her head buzz. Rebecca glared at him angrily and snapped, "Edmund, he is my child!"

"Without me, you never would have him!" said Edmund seductively, pressing his chin on her shoulder gently. His eyes had turned dark now.

"Don't flatter yourself!" Rebecca stopped struggling and looked at the car not far away, where Randy was in. She was terrified of letting him out of her sight.

"You're too naive. Haven't you seen my baby photos? Later, I will show you how handsome I was when I was as a child." Edmund hugged her tightly and inhaled her scent. He really missed her.

"No!" She didn't want to have anything to do with him for the rest of her life. She just wanted to stay away from him.

"It is not up to you!" Edmund fumed at her refusal. His eyes bulged and a vein popped on his forehead. He grabbed her arm roughly, and her skin turned white.

"Edmund, let go of me! I hate you. You have ruined my life. I have been separated from my mother for seven years, and I still can't go back home. Do you know how much I curse you every day? Why are you still…" Rebecca stopped abruptly. Her eyes rolled backward and she fainted in his arms.

Edmund looked at her slightly open red lips with satisfaction. She had become very disobedient but for now, he would let her have a good sleep.

He marched to the car with Rebecca in his arms, unable to contain this excitement. Not only did he get Rebecca, but also a child as a gift. One look at Randy told him that the little boy was his son. He was an exact replica.

Seeing Randy pounding on the car window, Edmund sneered silently. Although the little boy was his son, Rebecca was more important to Edmund.

"You bad guy, let go of my Mom!" Randy got out of the car, glaring at the man. He thought that the bad man knocked his mother out. It was unforgivable!

"Little boy, your Mom is mine. You are too young and weak to take her away from me," said Edmund coldly while one of his men controlled Randy. He was determined to not even allow his son to take her away from him.

Hearing this, Randy pushed the man holding him with all his might and dashed toward Edmund. The little fellow attacked him like a barbaric shrew, pounding his legs with his tiny fists, biting, tearing, and pulling. Having expended all the energy in his tiny body, he slumped wearily. Edmund witness the entire scene with nonchalance.

"Is that enough? Are you done?" Edmund asked coolly, ignoring the hatred in the little boy's eyes. Before Randy could answer, he ordered the men next to him, "Take him to his room. If he sneaks out, you know the consequences!"

The four men stood up straight in panic and replied in unison, "Yes!"

As they carried Randy off to his room, his heart-wrenching wails echoed in the air. He only wanted one thing: "Mom! Mom!"

It was a tragic sight!

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