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   Chapter 75 In The Name Of Comfort

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She might respect Bill's opinion, but she didn't think she would be the kind of woman who was controlled by him. Of course, she didn't want to control everything of him either.

"Then why do you move out? Because of Nana? This is my home. Please remember this! "

Aron didn't know what had happened on the forum. Selina held her breath and said, "It has nothing to do with anyone! Stop asking, okay? "

Aron sneered, "Is that because of me?"

Selina turned her head away and said, "Haven't I said stop asking? I won't answer your question! "

The atmosphere became tense unconsciously. He looked at her disappointedly, "Is it because what I did to you that night made you uncomfortable? Or do you think it's time for you to make a clean break with me because you have a boyfriend? "

Selina looked at him in disbelief, "What are you talking about?" Why did he have to remember what she had done to him that night? Couldn't he pretend that she was sleepwalking and then really forget?

But she didn't forget it herself. How could she blame others?

"Then what is it? !" He said excitedly, "Selina, I'm not afraid of pressure. You don't have to worry about Nana and my brother. I'll protect you from anything!"

Tears welled up in her eyes. "No, I don't want you to do this..."

She had nothing to do with him originally! But for her, he had to bear the pressure of his girlfriend, his brother's objection. How could she bear that kind of deep protection? How could she accept it shamelessly? How could she bear to see him like this?

"I don't deserve it..." She choked with sobs, turned her head away and covered her lips with her palm.

He turned her around and said, "Is it up to you whether you deserve it or not? Selina, you deserve it! You deserve it! How long will it take for you to know this? !"

His words were like a heavy hammer, hitting her heart. She tried to get rid of his control in a hurry, but failed. She said sadly, "Aron, you... Let go of me... "

"What are you afraid of?" He turned her face around.

She struggled even more violently, "No, no..."

He didn't give up. He looked straight into her eyes and said, "You escape, I won't. Selina, if there is any pressure, if there is any difficulty, let me bear it... "

"No..." She was on the verge of breaking down. How could she tell him the ugly things that were spreading online? How could she let them affect his life like how they affected hers?

Her reaction was a little strange. He finally asked, "What happened? Tell me! "

"No matter what, it's wrong." Tears s

adually returned to clear. She got up from the sofa awkwardly.

She had said that she would keep a distance from him, and she had already been punished so terribly. She was still like a slut, casually flirting with him and letting him do whatever he wanted!

Embarrassed, she looked away. He calmed down and asked, "Can we have a talk now?"

What could they talk about?

Talk about how could she, a woman with a so-called boyfriend, be bewitched by him?

She bit her lower lip and said, "What can we talk about? I made it clear just now. " She shrank back in embarrassment and moistened her lips nervously. "Well, I... I'm going to prepare for my class. I will tell you before I move out. "

Like a frightened rabbit, she grabbed her collar and quickly jumped back to her room.

When she closed the door, Aron patted his head remorsefully. He hurried too much. She was really frightened.

However, if he didn't do that, he would really treat her relationship with Bill. Alas.

There were so many things that he couldn't figure out. But now, he had something more important to do!

His eyes flashed, and he stood up. He came to the computer and quickly entered "Selina" in the search bar.

The web pages opened one by one in front of him.

Malicious comments were posted in front of him.

He saw the naked photos, the merciless slanders, and the unscrupulous privacy exposures.

He clenched his fists.

He dialed a phone number, "Hello, old classmate. Are you still working in the telephone department? I want to ask you a technical question. Can you find the IP address of the post through web traces? Well, it's really possible? Here is the thing... I want you to do me a favor... "

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