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   Chapter 74 Nana, Let's Break Up

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Avery made a face at him and shrank her body a little closer to Aron. She wished she could stay away from the man in front of her.

Embarrassed, Selina said, "Don't mind, this child... Well, she is a little afraid of strangers. "

Without any response, Aron picked up another burger, removed the green pepper from it and handed it to Selina.

Selina lowered her head and ate the burger. Aron glanced at the table and found that it was full of cokes, he put Avery on the seat and said, "Wait for me. I'll buy you two cups of hot milk tea."

Selina protested in a low voice, "I can drink coke..."

"Yes, but your stomach will ache after drinking coke." Then he strode away.

When he came back, he brought two cups of hot milk tea. The mother and daughter each drank one cup.

Bill ate his food silently.

The three people sitting opposite to him were family in any way, while he was like a redundant guest in a family dinner.

Jay was right. Aron didn't accepted him.

It would be difficult for him to be with Selina.

For the first time, he was worried.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier.

After dinner, Aron put Selina and Avery in his car. "It's raining heavily. Do you still want to take them to walk on the road? Or do you want to watch Bharara? " There was a hint of irony in his tone.

Embarrassed, Bill replied, "No, no. Don't you need me to drive them home? "

"No, thanks. I'm on the same way. " Aron closed the door of the car and waved at him casually, then he started the car. Before Bill could react, the car had already disappeared.

Selina was in a daze, when the car drove away for a while, her hand touched the seat subconsciously and shouted, "Oh my God, where is my lesson book? !"

Aron sighed, "What are you thinking about every day? Where did you leave it? You didn't bring it back, did you? "

"Of course I did. I don't have class tomorrow morning, so I wanted to prepare the lessons then. I must have left it at ZG restaurant. "

"You are such a fool." Aron shook his head, turned the car around and drove to ZG restaurant.

As soon as the car stopped, Selina opened the door and was about to go out. However, Aron pulled her, put out an umbrella from the back seat and put it in her hand. "It's raining outside."

Selina was afraid that her efforts would be lost, she answered perfunctorily. The umbrella was in her hand, but she didn't open it, she just held it above her head. She took a few steps and arrived at the door of the restaurant.

Seeing her figure disappear at the door, Aron smiled bitterly and said to Avery, "Your mother's IQ..."

Avery was playing with Kelly in her hand, giggling. Aron touched her head and turned his head to look out of the window at the rain.

The windshield wiper wiped away the rain on the glass, and everything became clearer and brighter.

Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and was attracted by a woman sitting near the window of the restaurant.

The woman was slender, with delicate makeup and a decent dress. She sat in her seat with her legs crossed, but she still looked char

a meal. " After saying that, she lowered her head and avoided his playful sight.

"Have you ever considered if Avery can accept it?" He raised his eyebrows and didn't expose her.

"She will get used to it." She lowered her head and played with her long wet hair. The hair fell over her shoulders and her pajamas were a little wet.

"Adapt?" He laughed, "I..."

Afraid that he would say something, Selina interrupted him in a hurry, "Oh, by the way, I will move out at the beginning of next month." She tried to smile, "I've already signed the contract with the landlord. The house is nice and the rent is not expensive. I only rent one room and one living room. But there is still someone living in the room now. She will move out until the end of this month. I'll stay here for a while. I can live in a new house at the beginning of next month. "

Aron looked at her in disbelief, he sat up straight and said, "Haven't I told you? You don't have to move out. I can totally... "

"Aron!" Selina looked deeply into his eyes. Her expression had never been so firm before. "I know you are very good to both of us. I am very happy to live here. But, Aron, I can't rely on you for the rest of my life. " With a bright smile on her face, she said, "Well, if you have nothing else to do in the future, you can go to our new home for dinner. Just call me in advance, I will prepare food for you at any time. What do you think? Am I good enough? " She said playfully.

Aron frowned, "Isn't it good, Selina? You have less burden. I can take care of Avery for you when I'm free. This is your home! "

On second thought, his anger rose, "Does Bill ask you to do that? He doesn't think it's good for you to live here? Does he put pressure on you? "

Selina's head ached, "It's none of his business." That promiscuous man could only say "Okay, okay," and "yes, yes". He had to ask her what she wanted to eat N times before having a meal. His selective phobia was more serious than hers. When they went to ZG restaurant last time, the waiter almost complained.

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