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   Chapter 73 You Don't Understand

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"I won't go!" With her cheeks puffed up, Avery stared at Bill and didn't cooperate at all.

Selina was annoyed, "Are you done? It is a meal. Where do you want to go?"

Avery felt wrong and pouted, "I don't eat beef steak. I don't eat it!" Selina had promised her to cook her favorite chicken wings with soy sauce tonight. She broke her promise and asked her to have dinner with this big fool. She would never, never! "I want to go home! I want to have dinner with my uncle! "

Selina pulled her, "I warn you!" Avery always said uncle, it made her even more irritable. This afternoon, she went to the police station to collect evidence. The police looked at the pictures posted on the Internet and felt it funny. He kept asking her why she didn't really consider the possibility of Aron being her boyfriend. Damn it! As a policeman, he just needed to record the statement. Why did he like to gossip?!

Bill tried to smooth things over. Although they had already come to the res

through the air. She sniffed and didn't even dare to look up at him. Her eyes were fixed on his hand on the table. "Why are you here?"

"Find something to eat." His voice was muffled, and there was a trace of moisture on his body. "Didn't you go to ZG restaurant?"

Embarrassed, Bill said, "Well, Avery doesn't like it..."

Aron didn't pay much attention to him, he took out his food and put the burger into Avery's hands, he said half seriously and half dotingly, "Don't be picky about food. Eat. "

The child picked up the burger obediently and took a big bite. Aron put the Coke to her mouth, "Have a sip first. I'll buy you a cup of hot milk tea. "

The baby nodded and buried her head in the burger. The devil child whose cry almost broke the glass in the dining room had turned into an angel.

Seeing that Aron had successfully tamed Avery, Bill said enviously, "Aron, why don't you teach me a few methods? I also want to get along well with Avery like this. "

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