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   Chapter 72 Framing (Part Two)

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What's more, Bill had always cared about Avery, not like Jay who so always asked her when Avery's parents would take her back and whether they could not take her out this time. Every time he asked her out, he would consider what Avery liked to eat and what she liked to watch. He even bought the tickets of the movie named "Balala", which was Avery's favorite movie.

She breathed a sigh of relief and simply replied, "Okay. Let's talk about it when we meet. "

Then she found Aron's phone number and sent him a message, "We won't have dinner at home tonight."

Director Song's scruple was reasonable. Although she was innocent, she couldn't compete with too many people.

This time, no matter what, she was going to move out!

But before that, she had to report the case to the police before they got off work!

She made up her mind, grabbed her bag and walked out of the office in a hurry.

Behind her, there was a loud discussion, "I can't believe that Selina is so quiet..."

"That man is so handsome. If he didn't have a wife, he would be a perfect match for Selina..."

"Well, the baby is so old. I don't know how long it has been. No wonder people said she was called off the engagement before... "

Selina turned a deaf ear to all the malicious speculations.

She couldn't let such shameless rumor hurt herself, Aron, and Avery!

If there was any consequence, just let her bear it herself!

Aron took out his phone, but when he saw Edward lean over, he put it back in disgust. Edward grinned, "How is it? I bet with you, right? Don't always be a house man. Selina has been with Bill. You get rid of two burdens at one time. Go out and have a good date with Nana. "

Aron stared at him, "Do I need you to mind my business?"

Bill came with the phone in his hand happily, "Selina has promised me to have dinner tonight!"

Edward clapped his hands and laughed, "I know. Selina has already told Aron that she won't go back for dinner tonight. She must be talking abo

et's talk about it when you have the ability."

Edward shouted, "Look, Bill. Your brother in law doesn't believe in your ability!" He stressed the word "ability" on purpose.

Jay gave him a warning look. At this moment, Aron sneered, "Did I say anything wrong? Don't you know that if you choose to be with Selina, you will have to shoulder the responsibility of raising Avery? Do you know how much the baby will cost a month? " Damn it! Did he think it was enough with his mouth to shoulder the burden? The anger in his heart grew stronger and stronger, but he smiled, "How about your mother and your brother? Do they think the same as you? If you dare to retreat halfway, do you believe that I will break through your lungs?

Bill shrugged. Aron grabbed his phone and walked out of the nurse station without looking back.

"His reaction... Uh, was a little big. " Edward touched his nose awkwardly.

Bill looked down at the cup of tea on the table, feeling a little sad. The tea spilled out because of the violent smash of Aron.

Jay looked playfully at the direction where Aron left, Edward was still comforting Bill. Jay smiled and said, "Pray for yourself. I don't think Aron will help you or cooperate with you. " Judging from the situation, Aron had ready had a good character if he didn't make trouble for Bill.

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