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   Chapter 71 Framing (Part One)

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The phone in the office rang.

A colleague picked up the phone, whispered a few words and shouted, "Selina! Hurry up! Director Song is looking for you! "

Selina was so frightened that she didn't even dare to talk to the student for a few more minutes. She rushed to Director Song, the most senior director in the HR Office of the school.

"Hi, Selina! Take a seat. " Director Song's forehead was shining. When he saw Selina, he also smiled.

Selina walked in and said, "Director Song, you looking for me?" She sat opposite to him, obviously a little uneasy.

"Yes." Director Song handed her a glass of water and asked, "Do you have class later?"

"No." Selina shook her head repeatedly. When she shook her head, a few strands of hair fell on her shoulder. She was young, nifty and cute, and there was a touch of regret in Director Song's eyes.

"Selina, aren't you going to get the lecturer title this year?" He said gently.

"Yes." Selina nodded.

"I give you some advice, that is, hmm... How about you postpone it until next year? "

With her eyes wide open, Selina asked, "What? Why? I've prepared everything this year. I... I'm qualified enough. Last month, you said that you would send the materials after you helped me issue a few certificates... "

"We can't issue you the family planning certificate." Director Song interrupted her, "You are not married yet, but you have already had a child... We... It is very difficult... You... "

"No, I don't have a child," said Selina in surprise.

Director Song was a little unhappy, "Yes, we don't have the right to interfere in the private life of teachers. But don't forget, you are a teacher. Your life is in such a mess... Uh... The headmaster has already asked about it. It's difficult for us to deal with it. "

Selina was so wronged that she almost cried, "Director Song, it's my private affair. There's nothing to be ashamed of. I took in a child, a child whose parents haven't come to claim her yet. You can check it out. She has no blood relationship with me at all... " She felt very sad. She just

or an investigation. I won't let anyone smear me for no reason! "

"I give you a suggestion. Whether that man is your brother or not, you'd better keep a distance from him. There are no waves without wind. I'm afraid that someone wants to give you a hard time!"

"I will. Thank you for telling me all this. " After saying goodbye, Selina felt extremely painful in her heart.

There was no hope for her to get the lecturer title. She might even lose her favorite job as a teacher... Even the God couldn't stand it! But who sent this post? Why did he hate her so much? How terrible a person she had offended by accident?

She was aggrieved and helpless. She was absent-minded even when she was sitting in her seat.

There were all kinds of looks around her, judging her, gossiping her, and disdaining her. She felt very sad, but an innate arrogance made her straighten up, she held back the tears.

Her phone rang. She picked it up and felt that the people behind her were staring at her phone. They wanted to know if it was a message from the legendary handsome doctor, a married man.

"How about having dinner together tonight? What does Avery like to eat? " It was a message from Bill.

With a bitter smile, Selina changed her mind. The school asked her to give the child an identity. If she had a family, then the existence of the child would be reasonable, wouldn't it?

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