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   Chapter 30 Ghost House

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Trembling with fear, Selina walked into the ferocious entrance. Beside her were Aron and Jay.

"The setting here is too fake." Jay commented.

"The sound effect is not ideal either." Aron agreed.

However, in the middle, Selina was scared to death. The flickering light, the cold wind around her ears from time to time, and the faint laughter in the dark made her scared.

She couldn't help but lean towards Aron and said, "It... It's so scary... "

Jay gloated, "This is the best place for you to come. I've known you for so long, and you've never been bold..."

Aron coughed, then Jay said again, "It doesn't matter. Only in this way can you look lovely." He couldn't help laughing. At the beginning, he was amazed by her beauty, but as soon as they entered the ghost house, it was the Selina he was familiar with.

Selina really wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide. Sure enough, she found it!

A big hole appeared on the ground, and the dry ice spurted out from it. A ferocious grimace appeared. "Do you dream? Will you dream of me? "

Selina screamed, and the grimace slowly approached her. It even stretched out its dry hands and leaned towards her chest.

Jay opened his arms.

However, Selina, holding Aron's arm, was trembling. "It's too terrifying. It knows I dream!" What did she dream of? Oh my God! She dreamed of the man beside her! She even dreamed... Her face turned red all of a sudden.

The grimace disappeared slowly. She hugged Aron so tightly that he was a little embarrassed. "Well, Selina, it's okay. It's all fake..."

Selina let go of his hand slowl

y. Aron winked at her, indicating that she should find someone else to hug. Why was she on his side?

Selina was almost out of her mind. She didn't see his wink at all!

There was a "bang" sound not far away, she trembled nervously. Jay patted her on the shoulder and said, "It's okay. It's just the sound effect..."

Before he could finish his words, the wire made a buzzing sound. Soon, the whole room was dark.

From afar to near, there were all girls' screams. The person hiding inside complained, "What's wrong? The electricity is off!"

Selina's palms were all wet. She subconsciously pulled the hand of the person beside her and said, "The power is off. Let's go back."

"We just came in. Let's go back the way we came in," said warmly in a steady voice. Selina felt relieved. It was Aron. She was holding his hand.

"It seems that the door can't be opened." Jay's voice came from not far away. "I can't pull it open!"

A man in the cave said in a muffled voice, "The door must be opened from the outside. You can only pass through this ghost house and reach the exit.

Selina screamed and stamped her feet. The voice was depressed. "Miss, don't scream like that. The power is off now. Besides, you kicked me!" It was a tough job. Others thought they were scaring the guests, but in fact, the guests were sometimes very frightening!

Aron apologized, "I'm sorry. My sister was scared. Go straight ahead, right? "

"Yes." The voice stopped talking.

Selina didn't dare to let go of Aron anymore. She clung to him and looked around in horror, even she couldn't see anything.

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