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   Chapter 29 Preparation

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"You are on a date. How could you not dress attractively?" Aron said indifferently, "Don't care about the principal. Can he assure you the rest of your life?"

Avery pouted and asked, "Why do you dress like this?"

"Don't you know Jay? You should know men. He will be attracted by you at the first sight. " Aron didn't want to say anything more. For medical people, they were open-minded. In addition, there were a lot of male doctors and female nurses in the hospital. Everyone's life was actually depressed and hard, and many extramarital affairs happened in hospitals. Perhaps there was nothing wrong with tying up a man's stomach. If you could tie him on the bed, your status would be truly stable.

Looking at Selina with satisfaction, he said, "He must think that he is blind after knowing you for so many years." At this moment, he had this feeling. It turned out that her figure was really first-class when she wore such sexy clothes. Her innocent expression and her sexy body were so contradictory.

"I have an appointment with him. You will go to the ghost house this weekend." He announced proudly.

"You? Ask him out? "

"Of course, I'll stay at home and help you take care of Avery!" He announced proudly, "I've searched on Baidu. The success rate of the first date in ghost house is the highest!" Especially Selina, she was so stupid that she was easy to be scared. She wore so little clothes... They were so close... Uh... He could imagine.

"No. I dare not..." Selina was indescribable timid. They had been friends for many years, and then they dated like boyfriend and girlfriend? What if he refused? She didn't want to be alone. "You go with me..."

"What about Avery?" Aron looked at the girl who was sit

ting aside and yawning.

Hearing that, Avery came to her senses and said, "Uncle, you can go!" Go and keep an eye on mommy! She patted her chest and said, "I've been at home alone all the time. I can handle it!" 'Uncle, I only wanted you to be my daddy!'

Aron hesitated, Selina held his hand and said, "I... If you don't go, I won't go... You should help me to the end. "

"Well, I'll be with you for the first time," said Aron, speechless. As a matchmaker, he had to cheer up for the first time, although the two should be more familiar with each other than him...

The weekend came soon.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Selina took a sip of water. She stared at Aron nervously and asked, "What should I say later?"

"You can say whatever you want to say. I have hinted him before, and he knows what I mean. " Who would short out like this girl?

"You look experienced." Selina looked at him with admiration.

Well, it didn't seem to be a praise...

"Well, I'll take it as a praise," said Aron with a bitter smile. He looked at his phone and said, "Time's up. Let's go." The two of them waved at Avery, and the child obediently kissed Selina:

"Mommy, come back early..."

"If we don't go to that kind of place, I would take you there..." Selina felt a little regretful. It's a rare weekend to stay with Avery

Aron grabbed her collar and pushed her out of the door. Then he closed the door and said, "Avery, be careful at home!"

Avery came to the balcony, she saw them talking and joking all the way out of the corridor, and said goodbye to them again. It was not until they got in the car that she returned to the living room. She picked up the phone and dialed a number expertly:

"Hello, it's me."

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