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   Chapter 28 Persuasion

Lovesickness: You’re My Medicine By Hui Hui Characters: 3501

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"He has broken up with his girlfriend for many years. Don't you know that? " Aron was surprised.

"So what?" Selina was curious. "As he said, some people are just friends. He is a good friend. That's all. "

Sometimes, it was really difficult to express the love between a man and a woman. But what Aron thought was different. "One is unmarried, and the other is unmarried. Why can't you have a try?"

"You must be kidding. Now his condition is super good, okay? " As for herself, forget it. Time passed, and she was getting dimmer and dimmer, and... She took a look at Avery, who was trying hard to listening, and felt pity for herself. "There are a lot of beautiful nurses in your hospital. I often heard from him that Molly. He must like her, right? "

Molly again... "She is the goddess in the hearts of many doctors in our hospital. Don't mind. " She was just like a beautiful star that others could admire, but they didn't want to marry her.

Aron looked at Selina up and down and said, "Maybe, the rekindling is just a lack of a chance?"

Shocked, Selina said, "Hey, don't mess around..."

"You don't want your father to still worry about you in Z City, do you?" Aron curled his lips and said, "My brother always thinks he has a good condition, so he doesn't like girls who are introduced to him. That's why he didn't allow you to live in his house. If you can find a man with better conditions than him, isn't it a way to vent your anger? He's an old widower. I don't think he should be that conceited. "

"No." But Selina still refused, "I'm so familiar with him. He even knows what kind of clothes I like. He laugh at me all day long that I have no taste. Hey, don't make the relationship too complicated..."

"Is Jay a go

od man?" Selina hesitated for a moment and nodded. "Do you want to find a man you like and with good conditions soon?" Selina sighed. But before she could speak, Aron stopped her. "Do you want to give Avery a complete family?"

"I already have one," said Avery in a low voice. Before she could finish her words, Aron had pushed her out of the door.

"If you want, it's worth a try. You can't be trapped in that kind of self pity anymore! " Aron held onto Selina's shoulders and said, "Just for the sake of Avery!"

Shrugging her shoulders, Selina said, "It's so embarrassing. What the hell do you want? "

"Let me help you." Aron blinked.

No one could understand how much he hoped that his mother could find her own happiness. But she had sacrificed everything for him and his brother, including her life. If there was a man who could tolerate his mother's past, even if he did not accept the two brothers, as long as his mother was happy, she might not passed away so early.

A silly girl deserved a happy future.

"Selina, remember, men are blind sometimes. The most precious person was standing by his side, but he pursued the so-called happiness everywhere. It was not until he fell to the ground with bruises all over his body that he realized what he had missed. We call this blind spot in medicine. Selina, you are Jay's blind spot. You must be! "

A lovely tight dress.

A light striped shirt.

A sun hat.

Small curly hair.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Selina pulled the tight dress uneasily and said, "Oh, the dress is so short, I... I can't wear such a dress in my school, nor can I dye my hair... " She was about to cry. She dyed her hair chestnut. Wouldn't the principal would talk to her in a few days?

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