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   Chapter 27 Test

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Shaking his head, Aron said, "Edward, I really don't know how you entered the medical department with such a low IQ. No wonder Molly never likes you... "

"Shut up!" Edward went crazy, "Call me Dr. Edward!"

"Why didn't they get together? Excuse me, Dr. Edward?"

"You want to know?" Edward blinked, "Are you curious? Want to know it badly, right? I won't tell you! " He sang the song "Little Dragon" and felt that he had finally won the game. "If you want to know, ask your sister." That's great. He admired himself. This sister came so timely! Aron had been bullying him for a long time. He had liked Molly for a long time, but she ignored him. Humph, he, an outsider, Aron, shouldn't be talkative!

Aron was very curious at first, but soon, he found a way. He could ask Selina, but in a more euphemistic way.

As a result, that night, when Selina was washing dishes, Avery saw Aron scanning back and forth on the cabinet in Selina's room, as if he was looking for something. She followed him curiously and looked around with him.

Aron took a step back and almost stepped on her. "Avery, why are you hiding behind me?" He asked in a low voice.

"Uncle, what are you looking for? I can help you! " Avery lowered her voice too.

They were planning something. When Selina walked in, she was shocked. "What's wrong?"

"I made a bet with them today that Edward looked old since high school and Jay said you three were classmates, so I came to see if you had photos of your high school days."

Selina smiled, "What are you talking about? At that time, Edward was in the same grade with us, not in the same class. I didn't have a photo with him. But I have one with Jay. " Sitting down in front of the desk, she opened the drawer and sa

id, "Here are my graduation photos of all my grades." The box was full of group photos. She picked out a few pieces and said, "These are with Jay."

She turned on the computer and said, "We have a digital camera in college. His photos are stored in the computer. I have Jay's, but no Edward's."

Aron smiled silently. It didn't matter. He wanted to see Jay's!

Jay in the photos was young and still with glasses, but he was not as fashionable as he looked now. Although it was a group photo of a lot of people, it could not be seen that he was quite eye-catching. Especially when he smiled, there was a hint of pleasant in his eyes. There was no surprise that the people in front of him was Selina.

"Are you familiar with each other?" He asked calmly.

"Yes. We had been desk mates for a long time. " When Selina found Jay's funny pictures college, she couldn't help laughing. "I'm so familiar with him. Wherever he sat, as long as I heard the sneeze in the classroom, five times, it must be him."

"Then, why aren't you together?" Seeing her recalling the past, Aron suddenly asked.

After a short silence, Selina asked, "Did he tell you?"

This was really something. With a fake cough, Aron said, "Yes. He said you almost got together. "

Selina lowered her head and said: "Many things... It seemed that if we missed them, they would never come back. He had a girlfriend. Why did he say that now? " Her face darkened. In the college, they just missed each other. He had his own world, and even had a girlfriend. There was no need to say anything more. However, when she thought of it now and then, she would sigh. If she confessed her love to him on the day of her junior high school graduation, would it not be like this now?

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