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   Chapter 11 The Person In Dream

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The man was surprised, "You... You are... "

Aron blinked his eyes. The world was so small. He came to attend a wedding, and ran into the girl in the hospital that day. Although she had changed her clothes and her hair was tied up, her eyes left a deep impression on him. She should be the girl who was abandoned and slapped the man on the spot.

"Ah!" Selina stepped back. Her face was as red as a tomato.

A strange feeling rose in Aron heart. But on second thought, maybe the girl didn't want her embarrassment to be known by her relatives. Maybe she attended the same wedding with him?

So he said kindly, "Well, I haven't seen you before."

However, instead of showing a relieved look as he expected, Selina asked in horror, "You... Who are you? "

Aron couldn't help but look down at his clothes. 'Did I turn into a pervert today? ' No, he didn't. He wore everything he should wear. He was confused. All the children liked him very much. Why was this girl's expression so...? So terrified? "I... I'm not a bad guy... "

"Are you...? Aron? " Selina interrupted him and called out the man's name in her dream.

Was it true? They had the same voice, almost the same appearance, and the lovely expression when they were thinking. Was this man the man in her dream?

"Yes, I am. Do you know me? " Normally, people who were not familiar with him would not call him Aron. Had she heard of him before?

"I... I... I don't know you. " Selina said nervously and quickly disassociated herself from him. It seemed that he didn't seem to be troubled by the love dream as she did

. What's more, when she heard his voice, she couldn't help but recall the scene she had dreamed of. She felt really embarrassed. She didn't even have the courage to look at him.

She groaned and held her face in her hands. "Just pretend that I don't exist. Just pretend that you haven't seen me..." She turned around dejectedly and walked to the reception room.

The man beside her opened the door for her.

She looked up at him in surprise, with a bright smile on his face. "Are you also here for this wedding?"

The sense of uneasiness in her heart was further deepened, and she could not help but ask, "Are you also?"

"Yes. Today is my aunt's wedding day. "

Aunt... Boom! Boom! Boom!

The man in front of her, who had been making out with her countless times in her dream, was actually the nephew of her stepmother. Strictly speaking, he should be her... Cousin?

'Let me die! Could it not be so dramatic?'

She prayed again!

After a busy day, she went back to her room and closed the door tightly.

Tonight was her father's wedding night. She'd better not make any inappropriate noise, not even go to the bathroom.

She threw herself on the bed and closed her eyes tightly. "Go to sleep! Aron, come out!" ...

It was a dreamless night.

The man who would hold her in his arms and make out with her disappeared from her dream...

When she opened her eyes the next day, she couldn't help wondering why he suddenly disappeared from her sweet dream. Did he really exist in her life as he said?

She couldn't restrain her little expectation. What should she do?

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