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   Chapter 10 Wedding Ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was held in the biggest hotel in the city, there were more than 100 people.

Selina barely knew anyone.

She sat in the most embarrassing corner. It would be inappropriate if she didn't come. It would be more inappropriate if he came and kept a high profile.

Ella was only 10 years older than her. The charming woman shuttled among the guests politely. Whether it was her own relatives or brothers and friends of Ron, she was also polite and considerate. Selina was dragged to meet some uncles and aunts. She had never seen these people before, but she had to be held by hands and tried to greet others, including Ella's 80 year old mother. The old lady held her hand, but the smile didn't really reach her eyes. She seemed to be very affectionate and asked, "Selina, you are really beautiful. You have engaged with someone, haven't you? Why didn't you bring him here tonight? "

With a big smile on her face, Ella said, "Mom, Selina is going to get married next month. The man is particular about it, so he didn't come tonight. When her wedding ceremony is over, we will go to Z city. They can be freer."

Selina lowered her head. 'Oh my God! Couldn't you not mention my engagement?'

Ron coughed behind her and said, "Come with me to see your uncles and aunts."

Like a puppet, Selina was pulled to another table. "Oh, my God! You are going to get married, but you still keep your head down." The third aunt said.

"It's not that you don't know that she has been very dull since she was a child... Well, it's not dull. It is reading books, right? Now she is a teacher. " The second aunt's voice came out too.

"I heard that your fiance also has a good job. Have you bought a house? " The forth uncle also

came to join the fun.

"When will you get married next month? Have you booked the hotel? "

"How many tables are you going to set?"

"Have you invited the emcee?"

"How much bride price did the man give you?"

"The dowry doesn't need to be too good. Her mother didn't bring much..."

Selina thought to herself, 'My mother got married more than 20 years ago. How could that time compare with now?' She grabbed her father's cloth for help and said, "Dad, I'm going to the bathroom."

'It was not my wedding tonight. Why did they talk about my marriage all the time? It's none of their business. Humph! I broke off the engagement!'

She could almost imagine that once one of them knew that she broke off the engagement, the whole relatives would talk about it in detail. What would she look like in the rumor? She couldn't imagine.

Even if the excuse of peeing was not good, she still managed to run out of the reception room to the corridor outside.

There was originally a buffet restaurant at the end of the corridor, but now it was closed, leaving only an empty glass corridor. The sound of rain dripping fell on the glass roof, making a monotonous sound.

The banquet hall was full of noise, but there was a kind of unusual peace here. Especially when the glass window door was opened, the rain came with a slight chill, and the breeze blew.

Selina couldn't help closing her eyes.

"I know. I'll call you later, okay? I'm at my aunt's wedding now. Well, let's talk about it when we get home. "

The man's voice was gentle and magnetic, just like the voice of a radio DJ, and there was unspeakable familiarity in it.

All of a sudden, Selina opened her eyes. She turned her head quickly and bumped into a pair of deep black eyes.

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