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   Chapter 9 What Should We Do

Lovesickness: You’re My Medicine By Hui Hui Characters: 4819

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Looking at her father's tightly knitted eyebrows, "Ah!" Selina said, "Dad, what's wrong with you? It is a happy thing to get married. Besides, mom... She has been dead for many years. You should have a companion. I'm on your side, dad. I'm on your side. Don't be unhappy. "

With a sad expression on his face, Ron turned his head and said, "We have already decided the date and booked the hotel. Selina, you... How is your wedding with Francis going? "

Selina said, "They need to prepare for the wedding. Dad, don't worry about it. Just mind your arrangement at the end of the month. "

Ron shook his head in disappointment. "Selina, you are still unwilling to tell the truth!" He was so worried that it was difficult to unfold his eyebrows. "Today, as soon as you left, Francis came!"

"He... He... "

Ron continued, "He came here to ask for the gift and gold ornaments he gave you! He said he wanted to break off the engagement! " He sat on the sofa and sighed deeply. "What happened, Selina? Can you redeem your relationship? I'm going to Z city. All our relatives and friends know that you're going to get married... Alas. "

Selina looked away to hide her tears. Let alone irreparable, even if she could, she would not give her life to such a person after seeing through him! However, her father hoped that she could get married in order to have a better relationship with her lover. In order not to lose face in front of his relatives and friends.

However, couldn't the happiness of a lifetime compare with these things?

Blinking her eyes, Selina turned around and gave her father a relieved smile. "It's okay, father. You can rest assured to get married. I'll deal with other things. It's not that I can't get married. If our relatives and friends ask when I will get married, you can tell them it is soon. Anyway, they haven't seen Francis. As for the reason why we broke up... " Her expression flashed. "Dad, I don't want to talk about it, and I have nothing to say. Forget it, Dad. "

Ron wanted to say something more, but Selina patted her head and said, "It's late. I'm cooking, Dad."

She ran back to the kitchen as fast as she could, and there was another clang.

She took out the onion from the fridge, sharpened the knife and cut it.

'Bastard! Bastard! How could you come to my house to ask for the things?'

She wiped her eyes, tears streaming down her fac


Ron looked at her and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. 'Should I tell her that I have sold the house? Forget it. I'd better find a place for my daughter before the buyer came.'

When Selina turned around, she saw her father's sad face. She sighed and said, "Dad, I'm just cutting onions. I'm fine! "

'Could I really be fine? Father would soon not belong to me at all. But it didn't matter. It was time for him to have a new life. Just being alone! It's no big deal. I had hands and feet, I could cook. I wouldn't starve myself.'

But when she lay on the bed, she couldn't help but want to cry.

She was going to be alone...

When she closed her eyes, she even hoped that she could indulge herself in the dream and not wake up.

The sense of shame of being abandoned, the pain of being exposed by her father, and the reluctance of her father to leave... What else did she have? It seemed that there was only the portrait of her mother hanging on the wall, and the tenderness in her dream...

In her dream, the warm hand caressed her face, and her tears slowly slid down the corners of her eyes. "Are you really there?"

"Why am I not here?" The man lay down beside her and kissed her closed eyes. "You are here, I am here."

"I'm going to be alone..." Selina said with grievance. She couldn't even reveal anything on her mind with her father, but let her tears run down in front of the man in her dream. "My mother has passed away, and I have been working hard to support myself. I have finished all the work in the family. No matter how busy I am, no matter how careless I am, in fact, I really want to tell my father in this way that our family no longer needs other women. However, since my father doesn't think it's enough and thinks that he needs love, as his daughter, I can't stop him. It's just that he not only wants to remarry, but also wants to leave our family... I'm alone... I'm afraid... " She cried out and nestled in the man's arms, "If you are really here, can you come?"

Gently, the warmth touched her hair. The man took her deeper into his arms and said, "I'm here. I will come. Wait for me. "

"Aron, Aron... Don't leave me alone... " That kind of warmth made her feel a little attachment that she shouldn't have. She even had an unrealistic expectation in her heart, ' Would the person in my dream really come to my side one day?'

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