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   Chapter 8 Father's Worry

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All of a sudden, Selina woke up. In front of her eyes was the familiar ceiling of her room. She took a deep breath. No need to check, she knew that her clothes must be well tied. She couldn't help but look to her side and slowly touched the empty place with her fingers. The bed sheet was so cold that she couldn't feel even a trace of temperature.

In her dream, the man whom she had made out with looked at her with a smile, resting his head on his hand next to her. There was indescribable tenderness in his eyes, and a trace of affection flowed between them.

And where was he now?

Selina was lost in thought. If it went on like this, would she have a daydream every day?

She shook her head and suddenly thought of something. 'Oh, no! Although it's Sunday today, the school organized a public exam. I was one of the invigilators. I couldn't be late.'

She sat up immediately. What time was it now?

She grabbed her phone and pressed the button. The screen was still dark.

No! Was her phone out of power? She got out of bed nervously, opened the door and rushed out of the room.

Ron was shocked by her loud noise. Regardless of his reaction, Selina tried to squint at the clock on the wall.

"Ah, ah, ah! ..." She went crazy!

Nine o'clock, nine o'clock! She was already half an hour late!

She would definitely be scolded to death by the fat director. ...

She rushed into the bathroom like a gust of wind, and the sound of "bang bang bang" could be heard continuously. Ron frowned and said, "Be careful, Selina!" She was about to get married. How could she be so rash!

After putting on her clothes casually, Selina grabbed her bag and said, "I'm fine. Dad, I'm leaving! "

She rushed out of the door and suddenly turned back. She mumbled in front of her mother's memorial tablet, "Mother, I'll pay respects to you when I come back. I'm going to be late. I'm going to die! ..."

Ron closed the door for his daughter and shook his head. 'Fortunately, she was going to get married.' He went back to his room, opened the safe, took out the house transfer contract, looked at it again and again, and sighed. Fortunately, Selina was going to get married. In this way, he would not be afraid that she would have no place to live if he sell the house. He had already made a deal with the buyer and would move out at the end of this month. As for Selina, she could live in Francis's house first. She could understand. Anyway, they were going to get married soon.

He hadn't told Selina that he was going to remarry yet. Selina would get married, he also found a new partner. He believed that his child would be more relieved.

When he was thinking uneasily, the doorbell of the liv

ing room rang.

He put the contract away quickly and walked to open the door. 'This Selina always forgot things. What did she forget this time?'

As soon as the door was opened, a man's face appeared outside.

Ron was surprised, but he still stepped aside and invited him in. "Francis, you are here? Selina has to go to work today, but I have something to discuss with you... "

Francis clenched his right fist and coughed to cover his embarrassment. "Uncle, I... I'm here today... "

Dejected, Selina opened the door and saw her father sitting in the living room with a livid face.

"Dad." She call her father listlessly, then put down her bag and went to pray for her mother. She was late for only one morning, but the attendance award for the whole month was deducted. She was so unlucky. Since she had sex with that man in her dream, bad luck had been going on.

"Selina." Ron said with a cold face, "I'm going to marry your auntie Ella at the end of this month."

"Oh." said Selina. She stood in front of her mother's memorial tablet, looking lonely. But she still asked: "Do you need me to do something?"

"Nothing." Ron cleared his throat and said, "We will go to the hotel to have a meal. You can't be absent. And... We have agreed to settle down in Z city. Her brother has opened a factory in Z City, he can't handle it. He asked us to help him there. The house and other things have been prepared. "

There was an indescribable pain in Selina's heart. Her father had arranged everything, but he just informed her as usual. Her father should have his own old age, his own life, and his own companion. She, Selina, had grown up, she should no longer be the shackles of her father.

However, the father and daughter, who had been living together since her mother's death, had to be separated from each other now. Z city was far from here. It would take 5 or 6 hours even by the high-speed train. Ron went to help others, and Selina had to stick to her position. They could rarely have chances to meet for a year.

Thinking of this, Selina felt like her heart was stuffed with a mass of cotton.

Ron looked sad too. He also wanted to be with his daughter. Unfortunately, although Ella promised to marry him, she couldn't live with his daughter. "It's not easy to be a stepmother. I have my own son in Z City, and I don't live with him either. Selina is going to get married soon. If we go to Z City, we won't cause her any trouble, and we can save some money in our old ages. With such a large plant, the profit will definitely be a lot. "

After some persuasion, Ron sold his own house, transferred the money to invest the factory and became a boss.

But now, he was really worried.

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