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   Chapter 6 You Are My Father

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Selina was not in the mood to take the report, she went home, feeling frustrated.

She lazily took out the key and opened the door. With a crack, the door was opened from inside.

Startled, she rubbed her face to hide her red eyes. She tried to open her eyes wide and said, "Dad, you're back."

Her father looked at her strangely. "Don't you go to have lunch with Francis?"

With a smile, Selina tried to make herself look natural and said, "No. He has something to deal with, so he doesn't keep his promise. " 'Daddy, he not only broke his promise, but also broke your daughter's heart.'

Her father frowned and stepped aside to let her in. He sat down on the sofa and said, "It's good to have your own time occasionally. Anyway, you're getting married soon. You'll be together every day from now on."

He unfolded the newspaper, crossed his legs and began to read it. At the same time, Selina peeked at him and found that he didn't notice her. She quickly straightened up and rushed into the kitchen. "Dad, I'll cook lunch!"

"It is just half past ten." The father found that he couldn't keep up with his daughter's way of thinking.

With a "quack" sound, Selina almost twisted her neck. "It's okay. It's okay. I... I'm hungry. I went out without breakfast this morning. I'm so hungry. I must have lunch early. "

Well, she was full. Just now, she drank up the milk given by Aron in one breath!

She wondered if she had the potential to be abducted in the eyes of that handsome man. Or did she have something interesting? 'Well, come on. I couldn't be more unlucky. Drug me!'

Unfortunately. She felt nothing but full after drinking up the milk.

She didn't deserve to be abducted by him.

However, she had to cook to avoid her father'

s inquiry.

However, when she was picking vegetables, her father said slowly, "Selina. Ask Francis to come to our house in a few days. Aren't you going to marry him? We have to prepare the invitation letter and betrothal present first. We'd better ask his parents to come here and discuss it... "

"Uh, uh." answered Selina. She didn't know what to say.

"By the way, your aunt will come to your wedding from Hongkong some time later. I have told them everything."

'Father... Father... You were really my biological father!'

The corners of her mouth twitched.

'Father, what should I do if there was no groom at the wedding?'

Lying on the bed, even though her mind was in a mess, Selina still closed her eyes heavily. She couldn't think of anything. Her head was so big at the thought of it. She wanted to sleep.

In a daze, she still opened her heavy eyelids.

Her heart thumped wildly.

This... It didn't seem to be the decoration of her room, did it?

Everything in the room was as blurry as if it was covered with a layer of gauze.

Well, she was dreaming. She thought to herself and continued to close her eyes.

A man's chuckle was ringing in her ears.

She got goose bumps all over her body.

She suddenly opened her eyes. Sure enough, the man in front of her was the man who gently possessed her in her dream last night.

Selina whined. 'Was this a soap opera? Or a rebroadcast?

There was no NG in life, and NG should be prohibited in the dream!

But the man was very handsome...

Forget it. Come on...' Closing her eyes, Selina opened her hands and feet sharply, as if she was going to die. "Okay, come on! I broke up with my boyfriend today. I went NG last night. I'll make up for it tonight! Come on! Go ahead! "

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