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   Chapter 5 A Glass Of Milk For You

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The woman quickly opened her arms like a hen trying to protect the chickens, tightly protecting the children under her body, fearing the man would hurt them. The man's fists hit her on the back, making a dull sound. The two children struggled and shouted, "Don't hit mommy! Don't hit mommy!"

"Then get out of here as soon as possible!" The man gasped and went back home. With a bang, the door was heavily closed in front of the mother and the two children.

The two kids cried.

The woman quickly got up and wiped the tears on her face. "Leo, Aron, don't be afraid. Mom is still here. Even if I starve to death, I won’t starve you. Good boys, Mommy is here... "

The expression on the woman's face was so sad that it made people heart break. Her eyes were swollen, but there was still smile in the corners of her mouth. The smile made her wound hurt so much that she frowned. She pulled the two kids into her arms, touched their faces and said, "Mom is fine... Mom is fine... Don't cry. Boys don't cry... "

The older child looked at his mother's wound and bit his lower lip stubbornly. However, the younger one could not help crying. "Mom, dad is a bad guy. He is not my father anymore... Why does he abandon us? "

The woman wiped the tears on his face and said sadly, "No matter what, I can afford to raise you. Let's go. We can live on our own... "

It was not until his body was hit hard and the man apologized in a low voice that Aron came to his senses.

The woman in front of her was still wearing a pink and blue dress, and her shoulders were still slightly twitching. Her petite figure was pitiful.

Aron suddenly stepped forward.

When he walked up to the girl, she was like a frightened rabbit. She raised her eyes, revealing her big eyes full of tears, and was still trying to blink. Aron was surprised that her appearance was even purer than he had imagined.

Looking at her surprised eyes, Aron regretted his impulse. He coughed to cover it, slowly put the milk in his hand in front of her, and took out the tissue in his pocket. "I'm not a bad guy.

I'm just a doctor. Well, you saw me just now. "

As soon as he said that, the tears in the girl's eyes seemed to fall again.

Aron's scalp tingled, but he still said softly, "Life still has to be lived. Maybe I'm too nosy. The so-called missing is because of the mistake, so it passed."

Selina was stunned.

She rubbed her eyes. The facial features of the man in front of her looked a little vague, but it seemed that they were well matched, and... And it looked somehow familiar... Selina narrowed her eyes and thought for a long time that she must have cried out her contact lenses just now!

"Uh, uh, uh, thank you... Uh... " She looked embarrassed and her hands were quietly fumbling for something.

However, Aron misunderstood her and asked, "What's wrong with you? Do you need my help? "

"No... I, I'm just looking for my contact lenses... " Embarrassed, Selina had to fumble around for her contact lenses.

There was a slight sound of "click", which made her heart jolt. At the same time, Aron said helplessly, "Sorry, it seems that you just... Uh... I stepped on your contact lenses... "

What day was it today! Selina was so unlucky! ...

She whined.

"Do you need me to call a taxi for you?" Aron said gently.

"No, thanks..." Selina was so embarrassed that she almost dug a hole to hide herself! ...

Aron didn't want to stay for a long time. He waved at Selina and walked away. He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, the girl would go to the emergency center because of her blush.

Frustrated, Selina sat back on the chair.

She touched the warm milk.

It seemed that there was still the temperature of the man's palm on it.

His voice was so warm that it was as magnetic and pleasant as the DJ of a heart to heart talk show on the radio. It was so pleasant that people couldn't bear to suspect that he was a bad guy.

Tears welled up in Selina's eyes again. 'I must look miserable and pathetic! That was why he thought I was a beggar and gave me a glass of milk! ... Whoop... Handsome doctor, I was really not a beggar, really not...'

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