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   Chapter 2 Betrayal

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Selina followed them into the emergency ward.

As the gurney was wheeled along the corridor, it left a trail of blood in its wake. The nurses quickly mopped up the blood, as if nothing had happened.

The door of the operating room was ajar but Selina didn't dare to look inside. The people sitting around her had pained expressions on their faces. Someone had bloodstains on their body, while another was holding a crying child, and another had a drip bottle attached to their body.

This ghastly sight sent a shiver down Selina's spine.

The emergency room was a place she hated the most. It was filled with pain and despair, and the possibility of instant separation from life hung in the air. When she thought of the scene a few years ago, it brought back heartbreaking memories, making her tremble all over.

"Francis! It hurts so much!" The woman in the operating room was in agony. She cried loudly, "Am I going to deliver now? Francis?"

Selina's heart skipped a beat. Why was she calling out that name over and over again? Could it be the same guy?

Selina's suspicion was confirmed when she heard a familiar voice say soothingly, "It's okay. I'm here. I'm here! Don't worry. Our baby will be fine, and so will you."

There was a burst of rapid footsteps, and Selina, who was standing at the door of the operating room, was shoved to the side. She quivered anxiously as she saw the woman running to the operating room.

"Francis! Has she delivered already?" Came another panicked cry. The voice exploded in Selina's ears like a bolt of thunder.

She slowly turned around and stared at the woman. Her eyes were full of confusion. Feeling uneasy, she called, "Aunt?"

In two months, she would have been calling the same woman "mother". Today, however, it was difficult for Selina to even call her aunt.

The woman took a step back. She was bewildered and at a loss for words. "Ah, it's you, Selina," she spluttered. "What are you doing here?" asked the woman hastily. Feeling flustered and worried about the situation in the operating room, she couldn't help straining her neck to see what was going on inside.

"Is he inside?" as

ked Selina immediately. She was desperate to know.

Just then, the door of the operating room was pushed open, and a man was shoved out. "She is about to give birth. Your family should not come in. We need to operate immediately!"

The man held on to the handle of the door and begged, "Please, doctor! We've seen the B-Ultrasonography. It's definitely a boy. Please save my son!"

The woman inside cried sadly, "Francis, Francis..."

However, the door closed, drowning out her cries.

The man sighed and turned around. He ran a hand through his hair in dismay. When he looked up, he was surprised to see Selina standing in front of him!

"Selina? Why are you here?" The other woman signaled to him and hurriedly tried to mediate.

"Oh, that is one of his friend's wife. We just brought her to the hospital for her delivery as it's so dangerous. You know that my son has many friends. His friend was going out of town, so he asked Francis to take care of his wife. She went into labor all of a sudden, so he brought her to the hospital..."

Francis interrupted, "Mom, stop it." He was still in his underwear and vest, as if he had jumped out of bed in a hurry. He didn't look like he was fully awake yet. "I don't want to hide it anymore. I have promised her that if she gives birth to a son this time, I will marry her..."

Selina interrupted, "I'm not interested in listening to your discussion with your mother. The baby... Is it yours?" She was staring at him nervously.

"Yes," he admitted. "I have been with her for a long time," he explained.

"And what about me?" Selina asked, feeling crushed. She clenched her fists in anger. If the woman in the operating room was the mother of his child, then what position did Selina hold in his life anymore? From the first time that they met at a party to their whirlwind romance, his incessant wooing, to meeting her father, and finally her acceptance of his proposal—everything replayed in her mind. Their wedding date was set and they had even taken the pre-wedding photos! How could he say that he was with this other woman for a long time? And now she was even giving birth to his baby!

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