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   Chapter 75 A Group Of Crazy Women!

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On the other side.

Sitting in front of the TV, Shawn was overjoyed. He thought, 'Maybe Seamus would be forced to marry Maggie by the reporters. At that time, she would be the real wife of the CEO!

And I would become a relative of Seamus. It was awesome to think about it!'

He took a pot of tea and sat in the yard, sipping the tea leisurely. Then he saw a bodyguard patrolling around the walls. He waved his hand and motioned the man to come forward.

The security guards all knew Shawn and knew that he was Maggie's uncle, so they treated him more politely.

The bodyguard waved at him and called in another colleague.

The next day.

In the evening.

When Maggie returned to the villa after shopping in the supermarket, she saw a group of women standing at the door, they were all carrying a small black bag in their hands and looking around as if they were waiting for someone.


Who were they?

Why were they here?'

"Everybody, look! The seductress who seduced Mr. Seamus is

g a pair of sunglasses and enjoying the play in front of her. The coldness in her eyes was like the tip of a needle...

'Maggie, I'd like to see how much you liked Seamus!'

"You all stop!"

At this time, a sudden voice sounded, and the crazy women stopped and looked at the direction where the sound came from one after another.

Behind them, the man's dark eyes shone with a touch of gloom. His nose was high, the corners of his mouth were delicate, and his face was darkened.

Kent looked through the crowd and saw Maggie lying on the ground, covered with eggs, tomatoes and flour.

At that moment, he wished he could go forward and kill those crazy women!

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