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   Chapter 72 Show Me All Your Tricks!

Infinite Deep Love By Ying Luo Characters: 4069

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:02

The islands surrounded by the sea were only open to club members. It was the first time for her to come here. She had thought that she would smell the fragrance of flowers. After she went on the island, she only heard the sound of pine trees and bugs. Except for the villa hotel and the paths that had constructed, the island kept its original appearance.

After arriving at the island, she changed into a

next reincarnation.

All of a sudden, she was pulled back to the ground by a strong force behind her. The rough rock was so rubbed that the skin of her back was peeled off. She came to her senses and looked up at Seamus's cold face. Just now...

Had she really stepped out just now?

After a while, she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She leaned to the edge of the big stone and began to retch!

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