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   Chapter 71 See Him Having Dinner With Another Woman!

Infinite Deep Love By Ying Luo Characters: 3671

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"I..." Through the door, Maggie saw that the woman sitting inside was exactly Cara whom she had met before. It turned out that they were having a candlelight dinner. "I'm sorry to disturb your date with the beauty, but I advise you to be careful, in case that one day you are photographed by the entertainment reporters, they will say that you are not faithful or something. At that time, don't ask me to clarify it. I don't have time. You can continue to have dinner!"

Although Maggie said so, she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. This man had warned her not to do anything shameful before. What about him?

Only the governor could set fire, and no citizen was allowed to light the light!

Damn it!

Maggie pushed Mandy who was beside her and said, "Mandy, let's go."

So the two of them pulled the liar to the hall with the waiter and waited for the police to come to ask them to go to the police station for recording.

It was not until she arrived at the police station that she knew that the little liar had been hiding in another city. He didn't come back until he thought


But she didn't know what made him make such a big joke!

In the evening, when she had just taken a shower and was about to go to bed, she suddenly received a phone call. She was shocked when she saw the caller ID was "Beast Shi".

The yacht was chopping waves on the black sea surface. The motor roared and the wind slapped on the face.

A lock of her curly hair was scattered in front of her forehead, piercing into her eyes from time to time. She held her hands in front of her chest, allowing herself to drift violently in the vast sea.

In contrast, when she accepted her fate, Seamus put his hands on the wheel and calmly drove the yacht. His black eyes focused on the only private island between the two cities.

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