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   Chapter 29 Can You Do Me A Favor

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Maggie looked at her helplessly. She wanted to comfort her, but she couldn't make a sound.

She knew the pain of Mandy the most. Being an underground lover meant that everyone would betrayed her, and she would be blamed. No matter how bitter and sad she was, others would only blame her for what she did!

She deserved it!

Mandy could have lived a good life!

"Mandy, listen to me. Leave him early!"

Ignoring her astonishment, Maggie held her hand tightly and continued to persuade her, "Leave him and start a new life!"

With the tear stains on her face, Mandy pushed the hair on her forehead to the top of her head and pressed it down. With a sad look on her face, she said, "Maggie, you know what? When I was in primary school, my dream was to go to college. When I graduated from college, my dream was to have a decent job. Then I met Bill at work. My dream was to be with him forever! Maggie, I have never given up every dream of mine!" She picked up the glass and gulped down the wine. The red liquid slowly flowed from her lips to her neck and slid into her clothes.

"You know what? If one day I can have a meal with him without scruple, go to the cinema to watch a movie in the daytime and take a walk in the park in the evening, and he is still lying beside me no matter how late I wake up, that's enough! That's enough!"

Maggie didn't persuade her anymore. If she took Mandy's love for Bill as a kind of illness, she would be incurable!

As for herself, she was no magic doctor. She didn't have the ability to bring her back to life, so she could do nothing about her illness!

Maggie sighed slightly, took out a piece of tissue from the table and handed it to Mandy, hoping that she could wake up as soon as possible, in case that all her efforts would be in vain in the end.

The next day,

in the evening...

The New World Tower was the highest building in T City, with a total of eighty-eight floors. Sitting in a revolving restaurant on the top floor, it was like floating above the clouds and looking down on the living beings. The price of any dish on the menu was enough for the ordinary people to live for more than a month.

When they were having dinner here, they would pay with gold cards, because no one would take out a wad of money and check it out one by one.

If you didn't have a card or money, the waiter would tell you politely, "Please go out and turn left. There is a viewing platform over there."

Look, the waiters here were so well-educated. Even if they asked you to jump off the building, they would say something euphemistic and beautiful!

Maggie and Kent Tang sat in the half open box on the right. The soft orange light made everything look so beautiful and intoxicating.

At this time, the heavenly voice on the stage was slowly singing the song in the film "Phantom of the Opera"... "Thinking of me..."

Putting down the glass of wine in his hand, Kent stood up and reached out his hand to her like a gentleman. "May I have a dance with this 'pretty mommy'?"

The pleasant music accompanied by the air floated in the hall of the hotel. Many people had already danced trippingly in rhythm. Maggie handed her hand to him and said, "Okay, handsome daddy!"

On the dance floor, there were many women and men dancing together. Maggie didn't know whether they were couples or not. They were all immersed in this fascinating classical melody. Like them, she and Kent were slowly swaying and gently rotating with the music.

"Maggie, how did you become Seamus's girlfriend?" While dancing, he finally asked the question in his heart.

Maggie paused and looked stunned.

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