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   Chapter 28 He Should Not Quarrel With You!

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Just as she was pacing back and forth in the hall like a headless fly, she was suddenly attracted by a tall figure in the crowd. She saw that the figure was hurriedly walking towards the right corridor of the gate.

Was he looking for her?

He had a little conscience!

As she thought, she followed behind Seamus, intending to frighten him later.

However, when she followed him to the exit, and he was about to push the door open, a delicate female voice suddenly came from inside. "Seamus, why did you announce to the media that the woman is your girlfriend? Why don't you let me stand by your side fair and square?"

"Cara, this is my business. You have no right to question me. All you need to do is to stay with me quietly." Suddenly, he cast a sharp glance at Cara.

"Okay, okay, don't be angry. I will do whatever you say, as long as you don't really fall in love with that woman."

"How is that possible? Even if all the women in the world died, I won't fall in love with a woman like Maggie!"

Maggie, who was standing at the door, was stunned.

What did he mean?

What did he mean by saying that even if all the women in the world died, he would not fall in love with her?

Was she that bad?!

Damn it!

Since he disliked her so much, why did he ask her to pretend to be his girlfriend?

It seemed that he really wanted to imprison her around him so that he could humiliate her all the time!


Let's wait and see!

I'm not a toy at your disposal!' Maggie was angry.

After the banquet, Seamus planned to send Maggie back first and see where she lived by the way, but she refused.

Fine, he would just let her go!

Maggie received a call from her best friend, Mandy, when she was waiting for a taxi on the roadside.

In the Sleepless Bar, Maggie and her friend, Mandy, sat in the corner and saw that most of the Lafite of 1982 had been finished.

She picked up the glass and took a

sip. The strong fragrance remained between her lips and teeth. "Mandy, you took out such a good wine and ruined it. If Bill knows it, he will quarrel with you!"

After getting a little drunk, Mandy, who was slender as a willow, became more and more soft and boneless. Playing with the crystal cup in her hand, she smiled charmingly. "Don't worry. He won't quarrel with me for a bottle of wine. He has a lot of money!"

The red liquid rippled in the glass, and the smile at the corners of her mouth gradually became stiff. "Besides, he went home to accompany his wife. I drank a bottle of Lafite from him, which is fair enough."

Maggie looked at her pitifully, "Alas... Are you really going to be with him nameless for the rest of your life? Mandy, it won't be a good result to be with such a man!"

"What else can I do? I'm not a bitch who pretends to look innocent. I don't want to leave him! Besides... Even if I destroy his family in the future, can I force his wife to leave? It's all my fault. I knew him too late!"

After a while, Mandy laughed again, as if she was breathing in pain. "Maggie, guess what he and his wife are doing now? Watching TV? Chatting? Or..."

Tears ran down her cheeks as she smiled...

"Mandy, you... Are you okay?"

"I guess... They might be making love in bed." Tears streamed down her cheeks into the wine glass.

Before Maggie could say anything, Mandy continued, "It's already twelve o'clock now. When he was with me, he would go to bed at half past eleven and we would make love for fifteen minutes. After half an hour, he would go to the bathroom to take a shower. Look, you don't need to guess. How could you guess more accurately than me?"

"Mandy, as long as I think of what he is doing with another woman, my heart hurts! In the past two months, I've been jealous to death every weekend night. I'm really afraid that I can't control my feelings one day and I'll kill myself!"

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