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   Chapter 27 His Eyes Were As Cold As Ice!

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'Oh, I almost forgot that this is her nature!'

Suddenly, a hint of disdain flashed through the deep eyes of Seamus, and then he drank up the red wine in his glass.

After a few dances, Maggie finally left the dance floor because of the pain caused by her high heels.

When she walked out of the dance floor, the emcee on the stage just started to auction the first treasure tonight.

Because her feet were so painful, Maggie decided to find a secret place to let her feet breathe some fresh air...

So she quietly left the banquet hall and went to the nearest booth.

After ordering a glass of orange juice at the bar counter, she slowly walked towards the empty purple sofa in the corner.

An empty glass and a half glass of amber whisky were still placed on the black oval glass tea table. Perhaps it was because the waiter hadn't cleaned it up yet, and her feet were so painful that she didn't want to take one more step. She put down the orange juice in her hand casually, and sat down on the sofa, feeling relieved in an instant.

After a while, a graceful woman slowly sat down in front of her. Her long claret-red hair was lazily scattered on her shoulders. The light above her head shone on her face, showing a breathtaking charm. Maggie could not help but swallow. She had to admit that the woman in front of her was indeed a knockout!


They didn't seem to know each other, did they?

How could she sit opposite her so calmly?

Maggie picked up the orange juice and started to drink it. The woman sitting opposite her picked up the wine on the table with a faint smile. It turned out that this seat was hers...

"Hello, Miss Jiang. I'm Seamus's lover. My name is Cara."

"Ahem... Ahem..."

Hearing her words, Maggie choked on the orange juice in her mouth and coughed. Her face turned red.



How ironic the word sounded to her!

After all, Seamus had just announced in front of the media that she was his girlfriend. How could this woman be his lover?

"Miss Jiang, I just want to tell you that I am the only woman who is qualified to stand by the side of Seamus. Although you are his girlfriend now, he has told me that he is just playing with you. So I advise you not to fall in love with him, or you will only be embarrassed by yourself at that time! And... "

"Wait, Miss, don't you think you are thinking too much? If you are really Seamus's lover, then the person who stood in front of the media should be you, right? So I think... You'd better not flatter yourself. Otherwise, you will be more embarrassed. It's not up to you whether I am qualified to stand by the side of Seamus or not. As for whether you can be with him in the future, it depends on your luck! I'll return this seat to you. Bye!"

Maggie didn't know why she said that. Maybe she didn't like the arrogant attitude of this woman.

Looking at her receding figure, Cara was furious!

She had always been competitive. How could she let go of Maggie so easily?

After a while, an evil smile slowly appeared on the corners of her mouth. "Maggie, we'll meet again!"

When Maggie returned to the banquet hall, she looked around but didn't see Seamus.

Did he leave her here alone?

But on second thought, she immediately denied this conjecture. No matter how much he hated her, he would not leave her, his nominal girlfriend, behind in front of so many media reporters. After all, he had to act the whole play, right?

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