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   Chapter 11 Is There A Second Round

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It was not until this moment that Maggie found that KTV was a magical place. When a large group of people were locked in a room, when they were forced to listen to their friends singing word by word, when the melody overflowing from the loudspeaker floated back and forth in this small space, it turned out that their emotions were easily affected, and naturally they were depressed, and unconsciously they drank a few more glasses of wine...

"Maggie, don't drink too much, otherwise, who will drive me back later?"

When Maggie was about to drink again, she heard the words coming from the microphone. She paused, looked left and right, and saw Mandy standing beside the screen, talking to her loudly with the microphone in her hand.

"I just drank a few glasses of wine. I'm sober!"

"No matter what, you are not allowed to drink anymore, because I borrowed my ex-boyfriend's QQ car when I came here. You will be my driver later! You know what? When I borrowed his car, he was unwilling to lend it to me. Later I threatened him that..."

Because of the alcohol, Maggie didn't hear the rest of what Mandy said at all. She only felt that stars were flying in front of her eyes, and then she fell asleep unconsciously.

"Maggie, wake up! Wake up!" In a daze, Maggie heard someone push her body and call her name.

"What? Let me close my eyes for a while. I'll be fine after a while..." She struggled to open her heavy eyelids. When she was about to speak, she felt that her throat was dry and astringent...

"Go... Let's go... Everyone is gone. It's time for us to go back..." Mandy was not a good drinker. When she pushed Maggie, she was shaking.

"Oh... Okay..." Slowly sitting up, Maggie found that she fell asleep in a KTV box just now.

Maybe it was because she drank too much, she still felt a little dizzy. "Then how can we go back? You seem to have drunk a lot, too."

However, Mandy patted

her chest and pointed at her with a smile, "I'm fine. I'm fine!"

"So what?"

"So let's go to the parking lot to get the car."

"I think we can take a taxi home."

"No, we can't. The parking fee is expensive!"

"But can you drive?"

"No, I can't. I have you."

"No, I'm still having a hangover. What if something happens?"

"You are just a coward."

"Mandy, I'm just being careful."

"Yes, yes, your life is precious!"

"…… ……"

The two of them just went to the parking lot, quarreling and shouting. Although they talked to each other that way, Maggie felt so warm in the bottom of her heart. In fact, friends were like this. They cried when they were sad, laughed foolishly when they were happy, went crazy together, and occasionally talked and argued with each other, but they all felt warm in the bottom of their hearts.

In the car, Mandy took out a small bag from her big bag and stuffed it into her hand. When she opened it, she found that it was full of pressed powder, blusher, lipstick, perfume and so on...

"Mandy, why do you give these to me?"

Mandy opened the powder box and looked into the rear view mirror, picked the powder puff up and patted her face gently. "You'd better refine your makeup, too."

"Is there a second round? I have to go home now. Too many things happened tonight. I want to have a good sleep."

"Silly girl, you need to refine your makeup just because you are going home to sleep." As she spoke, Mandy picked up the brush and wiped the Bobbi Brown blusher on her face.

"Honey, are you still sober?" Maggie reached out and knocked on her forehead.

"Silly woman, I just slept for a while. Now I'm a little sober. I don't know what's wrong with me. Recently, there are more casual checks in T City than usual. If we really get caught, you will regret not listening to me." Then she picked up the Coco Chanel perfume and sprayed it on her body.

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