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   Chapter 8 If You Had Known How It Feels Earlier, You Shouldn't Have Done That.

Infinite Deep Love By Ying Luo Characters: 3798

Updated: 2020-07-20 00:03

When Seamus's eyes met hers, he was stunned, and then returned to his usual indifference.

It had to be said that this woman was indeed very attractive to men!


In that case, he would not satisfy her wish and completely cut off her filthy thoughts of cheating both sides!

"Sir, who are you? If you don't get out, I'll call the security." Ken stood up and said unhappily.

"Seamus, you... How can you break in without permission? Get out of here right now. Don't get in the way of my date with my boyfriend!"

Her words were undoubtedly a fire, instantly ignited the fuse in his heart, and he seemed to be about to explode at any time!

When she gazed at him, the coldness in his eyes and the sneer slowly appearing on the corners of his mouth made her feel more and more uneasy. If he took the opportunity to insult her ruthlessly, Ken would definitely be unhappy.

After thinking for a while, she hurried forward and held Ken's arm. "Ken, I think we'd better change a place to continue our conversation."

But just as she brushed past Seamus, her arm was suddenly grabbed!

"Seamus, let go of me!"

However, he turned a deaf ear to her words. Then he looked at Ken and asked, "Are you Mr. Chu? I didn't expect you to be so broad-minded. After knowing that your girlfriend had an affair with another man, you could continue to maintain this relationship as if nothing had happened. I admire you. But she is a woman with only appearance but no financial sense or chastity. Are you sure she will stay by your side in the future?"

Hearing this, Maggie was stunned.

How dare this bastard say such words!

Who made her lose the most precious thing?

It was all because of him!

"Maggie, he... Is he telling the truth? You... Did you really lose your virginity?"

Maggie shook off Seamus's hand in a hurry and grabbed Ken's sleeve. "Ken, listen to me. I... I wa

s framed! That night I was..."

"You don't have to explain. You just need to tell me whether what he said is true or not! Did you really lose your virginity? !"

Ken's gentle face suddenly became unprecedentedly strange!

Maggie bit her pink lips tightly, wishing to find a crack to bury herself. If she answered yes, then Seamus would definitely say something worse!

But if she said no, he would not let her go so easily!

At this moment, whether to answer or not would do her no good!

This feeling of being trapped in a dilemma really drove her crazy!

"Maggie, why don't you say anything? Then.... What he said is true? You really lost your virginity!"

"I... Ken, I didn't mean to do that. It was... "

"Enough! You don't have to say anything more!" Ken looked her up and down and said in a cold tone, "No wonder you dressed so beautiful today. Do you want to use your beauty to gain my forgiveness? I didn't expect you to be such a woman who doesn't love yourself. It's all my fault! I didn't recognize your true colors!"

"Ken, listen to me. I really have my own difficulties. The person who made me lose my virginity..."

"Enough! I don't want to hear about your dirty affairs with other men! We are done. Let's break up. Don't contact me anymore!" After saying that, Ken pulled out his arm resentfully and left without looking back!

Maggie stared blankly at his cold and resolute back, and her heart was twitching...

When she came to her senses, she wanted to catch up with him, but her left foot suddenly twisted and she fell to the ground.

When she stood up again, Ken has disappeared.

Seamus was watching the show from the beginning to the end. Now he walked to her leisurely and looked down at her. He shrugged and bent down to help her.

"Go away!"

"Why are you so angry? If you had known how it feels earlier, you shouldn't have done that."

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