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   Chapter 7 I Won't Let Maggie Off The Hook!

Infinite Deep Love By Ying Luo Characters: 3425

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It was just eight o'clock when Seamus finished his work. He had planned to ask his friend to play billiards together to have a rest. But somehow, a face flashed through his mind...

A face full of unwillingness and anger...

At last, the face gradually became clear. It was Maggie!

To be honest, that woman was really good at making tea. He suddenly felt that drinking tea to relax himself, and insulting that woman to stop her from marrying his father is a good idea...

After making up his mind, he called his friend and cancelled playing billiards...

In the Golden Diamond Club

"Knock, knock, knock..."

Hearing the knock on the door, Maggie felt her heart lifted in an instant.

Is Ken here?

Calm down! Relax!

"Come in."

Then a tall and straight figure came in, with flowers in his hands and a warm smile on his handsome face.

"Maggie, you... You look so beautiful tonight." The moment Ken saw her, his eyes were unconsciously amazed by her beauty tonight. He put down the flowers and held her in his arms...

"Thank you."

When she was held tightly in his arms again, the sense of crime in her heart spread like weeds, making her feel very uncomfortable.

"Maggie, I have a lot to tell you. I have been missing you all the time during my business trip. How about you? Do you miss me?" The affection and tenderness in Ken's eyes deepened her guilt again.

"Ken, I... I also have a lot to tell you."

"Okay, let's talk while eating."


At the gate of the Golden Diamond Club, Seamus gave the car key to the waiter to park the car and walked inside.

"Oh... Mr. Shi, it's good to see you again!"

"Well, is there a private room?"

"Yes! Do you want to

drink tonight or...?"

"Ask Maggie to come here. I want to drink the tea she made." Although his tone was not heavy, it seemed that he was born to be a king.

"Maggie? But she asked for leave tonight. She said she wanted to accompany her boyfriend. Now they are in the private room named 'Peace'."

When Seamus heard this, his eyes turned cold.

Accompany her boyfriend?


That woman has a boyfriend?

In that case, why did she still seduce his father to marry her and enter their family?

Did she want to take advantage of both sides?


She was indeed a skittish woman!

Staring at the cold face of Seamus, Connie asked cautiously, "Mr. Shi, what's wrong? Don't be angry. It's understandable for Maggie to ask for leave tonight. Please forgive her. After all, her boyfriend is back. It's natural for the young couple to have a reunion."


She thought he was angry with Maggie?


What right did that woman have to make him angry?

He just felt sorry for his father and her boyfriend!

After a while, an idea flashed through Seamus's mind. Then he turned around and walked towards the 'Peace' private room, preparing to meet her boyfriend!

"Mr. Shi, where are you going?"

In 'Peace' private room

"Ken, something happened to me these two days. I..."

Bang! !

Suddenly, a harsh voice interrupted Maggie's unfinished words.

Then a figure came in. When she saw the man's face, she took a deep breath.

It was exactly Seamus whom she had been praying not to appear!

His cold eyes were filled with anger, as if a storm was about to come.

This bastard...

Why was he here?!

Maggie screamed in her mind and had a bad feeling!

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