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   Chapter 6 She Didn't Want To Lie To Him!

Infinite Deep Love By Ying Luo Characters: 3739

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After a while...

Her mind gradually became clear, and then some fragments were pieced up bit by bit, finally gathering into a picture that made her embarrassed and humiliated!

Seamus Shi!

What had she done wrong in her previous life?

How could she meet such an arrogant bastard?!

Then, she recalled the words that Seamus had said last night...

"Sue me? Then sue me. But I have to remind you that the chief of the police station has been my father's good friend for many years. Do you think it's useful even if you call the police?"


How could he be such a jerk?!

After a while, Maggie's phone received a message.

"Maggie, I came back from a business trip in N City in advance. Around eight o'clock in the evening, I'll see you at the Golden Diamond Club."

The short words stabbed into her chest like a sharp blade!


How could she...

How could she forget that Ken Chu was about to come back from his business trip!

It was all her fault that what had happened these days was so sudden that she hadn't expected it and had no ability to fight back.

Ken Chu was coming back!

What should she do?

How could she explain it to him?

If he knew that she had already been...

She was no longer pure. What would he think?

When she promised to be his girlfriend, in order to prove her determination to love him, she swore to him that she would give him her most precious thing on their wedding night.

But now...

That promise seemed to be laughing at herself, laughing at her reneging and betraying!

If Ken Chu knew what had happened to her in these days, would he forgive her and treat her as well as usual?

After a whole day's uneasiness at home, Maggie decided to tell Ken the truth in the evening, because through the connections in the past two years, she believed that Ken was not that kind of su

perficial and ruthless person!

Besides, she never lied. It was better to tell him the truth than continue to hide a secrect from him while dating him. Otherwise, she was afraid that one day she would be overwhelmed by lies!

So she called the Department Manager and asked for a leave. If she didn't go to work tonight, she had to confess to Ken Chu in the best state and get his forgiveness!

At night, in the Golden Diamond Bar.

"Connie, did Mr. Shi come tonight?" Maggie asked her colleague who worked at the reception of the club.

She didn't want to meet that bastard, Seamus. If he talked nonsense in front of Ken Chu, she could never clarify it and made Ken Chu believe her again!

"You mean Director Shi?"

"No, I mean Director Shi's son, Seamus. Did he come?"

"No, Director Shi didn't come either. Why did you ask about them?"

"Huh? Nothing... It's just a casual question."

"Oh, my God! Maggie, you look so beautiful tonight!" Connie Yang looked at her with admiration.

"Really? That's because my boyfriend, Ken, came back today. "

"Oh... No wonder you asked for a leave tonight. It turns out that you want to stay together with you boyfriend."

"Don't be so naughty. I'll go into the private room first."


In the private room, her reflection appeared on the bright glass wall. The figure in the mirror was fresh and beautiful.

The strapless long dress was designed without complicated patterns. It was delicately cut. The whole evening dress was as soft as water, as elegant as clouds. The golden flower chain wrapped around her waist outlined her graceful waist. The design of the high waist line stretched her body, making her slender and graceful.

This dress was specially customized by Ken Chu according to her figure proportion when he went abroad last year!

On the other side, in the Crystal Group,

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