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   Chapter 5 She Is Very Unusual Today!

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When she saw the name of the caller, the grievances she was trying so hard to suppress suddenly rushed to her like the flood when the dam burst. "Hello..."

"Maggie, where are you? I'm in the bar where you work now. They said you left. Where are you?" Mandy Gu, her best friend, said worriedly on the other end of the phone.

Half an hour later...

The light was dim, and the music in Flamenco Bar was extremely enchanting. Maggie rubbed the wine glass and leaned against the soft seat, feeling her body floating. Everything around her seemed so romantic and touching.

"Waiter, give me another glass of vodka!" Now that she had drunk so much that her head was a little dizzy, and her vision was blurred.

"Hey, hey, I just asked you to drink a few glasses of wine, but I didn't ask you to get drunk. Stop it!"

"I'm sorry. We don't need this glass of liquor. Thank you." Mandy Gu frowned and said to the waiter who brought her another glass of vodka.

"Yes! Why not! I haven't had enough!" Maggie grabbed the glass from the waiter's hand.

"Honey, if you continue to drink, I won't have the money to pay the bill. At that time, both of us will be detained by the boss of this bar to work to pay for the wine!"

"It's good that you don't have money! I hate those rich people the most. They are snobbish and disgusting! Do they think they can do whatever they want with money? I think those so-called upper-class people are actually the lower-class! They are used to do something disgusting under the title of a rich man. Sooner or later, they will be struck by lightning!"

Hearing this, Mandy Gu was stunned.

To be honest, she had never seen Maggie like this since they knew each other!

She wanted to ask what had happened to her, but she refused to say anything. She kept cursing the rich how despicable and shameless they were.

"Okay, okay. You can

continue to drink and curse. No matter what, I'm here with you."

Maggie smiled in a daze, "Mandy, you are so kind to me. I want to marry you. I want to marry you!"

"No, No. I can't afford you."

After drinking another glass of wine, Mandy Gu ordered a cup of Long Island ice tea for her to sober her up.

Maggie raised her glass and thought for a while. "Seamus, you bastard! I curse you that you will never be able to do that again!"

At this time, the people around looked at her, and some of them even gathered together and whispered.

She drank the ice tea in one gulp. The tea slid down her intestines as cold as ice, like a taste of sadness. She was almost numbed by this feeling.

Her body gradually softened, and her legs and feet did not listen to her orders. She wanted to sit up, but she fell back on the soft chair dejectedly...

Lying on the table, Maggie shrugged her shoulders and murmured to herself, "You just drank a few glasses of wine, but you start to feel a dizzy. Maggie Jiang, you are so shameful!"

After paying the bill, Mandy Gu turned around and saw her dancing crazily. She rushed to her without taking the invoice. "Hey, hey, hey, are you okay? Are you drunk? I told you not to drink so much, but you didn't listen to me. Let's go. I'll drive you home."

The next day, in the morning, Maggie didn't know how she got home. She stared at the ceiling with empty eyes.

Oh God!

Her head ached. She just wanted to have a good sleep. She didn't want to think about anything.

In the afternoon, perhaps because the curtain was not closed last night, Maggie woke up in the dazzling sunshine.

The first thing she felt when she opened her eyes was that her whole body was torn apart and she couldn't use any strength at all.

'Oh my God!

Why is my head so painful?!'

Her dry throat was burning like a festering wound.

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