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   Chapter 4 You Will Pay For What You Did Today!

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"Come in."

At this time, a man in a black suit walked into the room. Judging from his respectful look to Seamus, he must be one of his subordinates or his bodyguards.

"Did you buy it?"

"Yes, Mr. Shi. It's in the bag."

"Get out. It's none of your business here."

"Yes, Mr. Shi." The man in black suit nodded respectfully. Then he glanced at Maggie who looked very embarrassed on the sofa and walked out.

Then Seamus threw the bag to her and said coldly, "Put it on quickly."

Maggie glared at him and took out what was in the plastic bag. It turned out to be a dress.

What a bastard!

She swore that she would make him pay double the humiliation he gave her today!

She wouldn't let it go!

Under his gaze, Maggie put on her clothes with tears in her eyes. However, just as she stood up, her legs suddenly became weak and fell into a pair of relatively warm arms.

"Miss Jiang, haven't I satisfied you just now? Do you want to continue?" His eyes were full of obvious sarcasm.

"Shut up! You make me sick!" Maggie pressed her pink lips and pushed him away, "I won't let it go. I'll sue you!"

"Sue me?" Then he lifted her chin and said, "Then sue me. But I have to remind you that the chief of the police station has been my father's friend for many years. Do you think it's useful even if you call the police?"

Hearing this, Maggie was stunned.


Was the chief a friend of his father?!

On second thought, it was reasonable. Rich people like them could do anything to defend themselves.


Seamus, since the law can't punish you, I will get justice for myself. Just wait and see. One day, I will let you pay the price!'

Staring at her angry face and wide eyes, he sud

denly felt that this woman was quite courageous, because from her eyes, he saw a strong sense of cruelty and unwillingness. So far, no woman dared to look at him like this, and there was a hint of declaration of war in her eyes!

Well, he would like to see what tricks she could play!

"Seamus, you are a cruel shameless animal!"

After saying that, Maggie bypassed him and was about to leave, but her wrist was grabbed by him before she took one more step. "Wait! Eat this before you leave!" As soon as he finished speaking, he pulled her into his arms, and then pinched her lips with both hands. He stuffed a white pill into her mouth, and then picked up the glass of water on the table and poured it directly into her mouth. His action was rude and merciless.

"Cough... Cough..."

Maggie was choked by the water and her face turned red. In the light, although she looked very embarrassed, she had an indescribable charm.

Seeing this, Seamus frowned slightly and said, "Well, you can leave now. Remember, don't badger my father anymore, otherwise... I will let you know how powerful I am!"


After a while, Maggie walked on the street with a soulless body, and the scene of Seamus forcibly having sex with her kept flashing through her mind!


I curse you that you will lose your sexual function after tonight!

Let's see how you can hurt other women in the future!'

The more she thought about it, the more tears she shed. She had never thought that her virginity would be ruined in such a situation!

"It turns out that you are the luckiest person I want to keep. It turns out that we used to be so close to love..." Suddenly, a ringtone pulled her chaotic thoughts back.

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