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   Chapter 75 The Bill Is Too Expensive

Reborn From Betrayal: Hard To Get Your Heart By Qing Shui Characters: 10205

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After sitting for a few minutes, Tyler was about to leave directly, but he felt that the dessert and coffee that Brenna ordered was really a waste. Moreover, as a man, Tyler had never eaten high-end desserts like tiramisu. In addition, he was very happy, so Tyler sat down and ate all the desserts on the table.

It was the first time that Tyler had eaten such an expensive dessert. He felt it was worth it.

Maybe after Tyler was promoted, Tyler's salary could make him often eat it.

The more Tyler thought about it, the happier he became. He drank up the coffee, picked up something and wanted to leave.

"Sir, please pay the bill." Before Tyler reached the door, he was stopped by a waiter with a list. The waiter had a standard smile on his face, like a sculpture.

Paid the bill?

Tyler was stunned. After a while, he came to his sense, "Didn't anyone pay the bill just now?"

A trace of disgust flashed through the waiter's eyes. Just now, he had seen a woman having dinner with Tyler, but he didn't expect that Tyler be so bold to ask if others had paid the bill. The waiter wanted to ask him directly that if he usually avoid paying the bill when he was with the woman. What's the difference between a man like him and a gigolo?

However, the waiter didn't want to be tough because Tyler was a guest, so he had to say in a low voice, "No."

Hearing the waiter's words, Tyler was completely confused. What did "no" mean?

Usually, it was Brenna who paid the bill. Did Brenna forget it this time?

Tyler recalled every move of Brenna just now, but Tyler didn't know what was wrong.

In other words, no matter Tyler went out to eat with Brenna, Yuliana or Tina, he didn't pay for it, because they were all rich and would pay directly every time. That was to say, Tyler had developed the habit of not bringing his wallet when he went out.

Now, Brenna didn't pay the bill and left directly, which made Tyler a little stunned.

After a while, Tyler said awkwardly, "wait a minute. Let me make a call."

Seeing a trace of contempt in the waiter's eyes, Tyler became more and more embarrassed. He couldn't help complaining in his heart that Brenna left without paying the bill.

It was a humiliation to Tyler.

"Where are you? Didn't you pay the bill just now? Why didn't you pay the bill? "

Looking at the waiter who stopped him, Tyler couldn't help but get angry. Brenna was humiliating him.

Brenna knew that it was Tyler's habit that he didn't bring any money with him. But Brenna didn't expect that Tyler would talk to her in such a tone. It seemed that Brenna was really too good to him.

"I've been with you for so long, and you haven't even bought me a gift. Can't you invite me to dinner?"

Brenna's tone was cold. If Brenna stood in front of Tyler, she would definitely give Tyler a slap and teach him a lesson.

"This is your first treat."

Before Brenna finished speaking, she hung up the phone, leaving no chance for Tyler to speak.

Holding the phone that had been hung up, Tyler was stunned. Tyle

tiating orders. In other words, Tyler should be the candidate. It's against the rules for me to do it personally. "

"I know." Yuliana had seen this rule clearly from the beginning, but Yuliana had to change it, because this rule was not reasonable in itself.

Yuliana remembered that in her previous life, Tyler took Yuliana's design and won a relatively expensive contract. It was also because of this action that Tyler was appreciated by Hunter. At that time, Tyler had been with Yuliana. In order to protect Yuliana, Marco had to add Tyler to the list of candidates for the president of the branch company and make Tyler compete with Malik.

And this time, Yuliana sensed Brenna's heart, Brenna was not that kind-hearted at all. Brenna used the authority of Hunter to oppress Yuliana to make a design, and Brenna tried to take the design as her own. Then, Tyler would negotiate with the Liu Group with the design. At that time, Brenna and Tyler would be the heroes of the Hua Feng Company.

But all this had nothing to do with Yuliana, and no one even knew it.

At that time, the light of Yuliana and Malik would all be suppressed by Tyler and Brenna.

There was probably no chance to turn back for them.

"I know this rule of the Hua Feng Company, and I think it is unreasonable, so I have to change it. The design should be explained by the people of the design department, and the people of the sales department didn't understand it. Why should the sales department talk about the design with client? Shouldn't it be the design department to communicate with client directly? "

"For example, the origin of the rumor is that there is an error in one transmission. If there is a mistake in the communication of sales department, the design will not be able to be corrected correctly. "

"It will be troublesome. Don't you think so? "

Yuliana swore solemnly. At the same time, she swore in her heart that she would never give up her own things this time, and that she would also teach Brenna and Tyler a lesson.

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