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   Chapter 74 Being Aggressive

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Malik is not a threat to Brenna. He is just talented.

As far as Brenna knew, Malik had never done any design in person since he became the director.

"No wonder Yuliana received a call from Malik yesterday and went out immediately. It turned out that they have already been together." It suddenly dawned on Brenna. She sniffed at Yuliana's behavior and said, "She found an excuse of looking for inspiration. Now it seems that she was simply making excuses to go out for a date."

It turned out that it was all because of Malik that Tyler met Yuliana yesterday.

Sweat began to break out on Tyler's forehead. He wondered if Malik had known the identity of Yuliana.

Otherwise, Malik, who had been single all the time and didn't care much about anyone or anything, would take care of a new comer like this. If it was said that Malik did this because he liked Yuliana, Tyler would never believe it.

"By the way, where did you meet them?" Brenna looked at Tyler with her beautiful eyes, "I don't like shopping. I seldom go out. I don't know they are already together."

The expression on Tyler's face changed. He didn't expect that Brenna would ask this question all of a sudden.

"You can see it in the canteen." After hesitating for a while, Tyler suddenly remembered that Brenna had never gone to the canteen to have it, so Tyler had an idea. "I've seen it many times."

"Oh?" Holding her fingers, Brenna smiled faintly, "so other colleagues should have seen it? But why didn't anyone tell me? It seems that I have to ask carefully tomorrow when I go back to the company to see who knows it but doesn't tell me in time. I don't have to be too kind to such a person in the future. "

Brenna said in a low voice. Anyone who was smart could tell the anger in Brenna's words.

Since Brenna entered the company, she had been trying to win over people's support. Brenna had done a lot of good to some people, hoping that she could be well-informed and not panic when encountering problems. If Brenna had something to do, she could quickly spread the news that was good for her in the company through this net.

Now that these people were useless, of course, Brenna would not leave these useless people who only took money.

The look on Tyler's face darkened.

All of a sudden, Tyler felt that Brenna was more horrible than Yuliana.

"Maybe other colleagues didn't think too much. After all, they didn't know Yuliana's identity. They thought she was just an ordinary newcomer, so they didn't pay much attention to her. " Tyler felt his voice trembling slightly. And everyone would feel flustered when facing a person who could decide your life or death at any time. Therefore, Tyler felt that he was in a good state now.

The explanation of Tyler was reasonable. The people who were bribed by Brenna were all helping Brenna pay attention to some people worth attention. No one would pay attention to a new comer.

However, Brenna didn't give up. "A new comer had dinner with the director of the design department, it sho

ero to save the beauty from Tina, Tyler became more confident and resented Yuliana a little.

Brenna couldn't help but sneer. Tyler was really cautious.

When Brenna saw these clearly, she became more and more irritable, and had no intention of continuing to deal with Tyler.

As long as Tyler could remember one thing, if Brenna could hold Tyler up, she could throw Tyler back to the ground. Except for this, Brenna didn't want to care about anything else.

"I've been out for a long time, which will arouse others' suspicion. I'm going home. You can leave later. "

Although Brenna had a close relationship with Tyler, she always sneaked around every time they met, fearing that she would be seen by others and cause trouble. So they always left one after another, pretending that she didn't see him at all.

Brenna stood up and was about to leave with her bag. When she turned around, a sinister smile appeared on Brenna's face.

Looking at her receding figure, Tyler breathed a sigh of relief. If Brenna asked a few more questions, Tyler would really be unable to withstand it.

However, it was the happiest and most concerned thing for Tyler to get the news that the company wanted to train the president of the branch company from Brenna.

The only way for now was to stabilize Yuliana and get the design concept of this draft from Yuliana. In this way, the senior executives would appreciate Tyler and Tyler would enter the list of candidates.

'Yuliana, I hope you are my lucky star, not a tiger blocking my way. Otherwise, don't blame me for turning against you and being rude to you. '

Tyler knew Brenna's connections. In order to survive in the Ye family, Brenna knew somebody. If Yuliana really went too far and refused to tell him the design concept, it would be okay. But if Yuliana didn't want to tell him the design concept, and she even gave a stumbling block, then Tyler could do anything.

Thinking of this, Tyler felt the position of the CEO of the branch company was so easy to get.

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