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   Chapter 73 Collusion

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Brenna only worried that Yuliana had a wide range of contacts and was powerful enough to overturn the situation.

"Where are father and mother?" Yuliana smiled and looked at Joanna playfully, "I also bought something for my parents. I don't know if they like it or not."

When Yuliana mentioned Jade, Joanna's face darkened and sneered, "they went out together. It's said that someone invited them to attend a wedding."

"I don't know whose family it is, your parents all went there."

Yuliana felt something was wrong. In Yuliana's memory, there was no wedding at all. Yuliana was a little flustered. Maybe she was just immersed in the "considerate" of Tyler at that time and didn't notice the wedding at all.

But Yuliana saw Brenna didn't go with them. Maybe Marco was with them.

Thinking of this, Yuliana stretched herself lazily and acted like a spoiled child. "Grandma, in order to buy these gifts, I got up early in the morning. I'm very sleepy now. I'll go back to my room and have a rest. "

Joanna cast a glance at Yuliana and said nothing.

Yuliana looked at Brenna's pale face and a weird smile appeared on Yuliana's face.

Today, Yuliana gave Brenna the bottle of perfume on purpose. She wanted to remind Brenna that no matter how powerful Brenna was, Brenna was only respected by others in the Hua Feng Company. Once Brenna left the Hua Feng Company, she couldn't do anything. But it didn't mean that Yuliana couldn't do it either.

It was heartbreaking.

Looking at Yuliana's back, Brenna suddenly picked up Yuliana's design in a hurry. Just now, Yuliana's appearance made Brenna worry inexplicably, feeling that Yuliana was also doing something on her design.

After checking Yuliana's design back and forth several times, Brenna found that the style and method of this design were exactly the same as that of Yuliana. It seemed that Yuliana had done it well.

Only then did Brenna feel relieved. It seemed that Yuliana was easy to deal with.

But Yuliana's reaction was a little strange, which made Brenna feel uneasy.

"What are you thinking about?" Joanna liked the clothes sent by Yuliana very much, thanks to the memory of Yuliana's previous life.

Joanna raised her head again and saw the ferocious look on Brenna's face. Joanna didn't know what Brenna was thinking about with the documents in her hand.

Joanna was shocked. Joanna had never seen such an expression on Brenna's face. Joanna suddenly felt that Brenna was like a devil from hell at this moment.

It was not until Brenna came to her senses that she realized she had been lost in thought for a long time.

Brenna put down the design in her hand immediately, "I'm fine. I just thought that Yuliana was so considerate that she went out to buy gifts for our whole family after she got her salary. "

Joanna was also very satisfied with this. Now she was very happy to hear that, feeling that Brenna was still that innocent little girl.

"You are right. Only Yuliana remember to buy gifts for us when she gets her salary for

Tyler could get Tina, Haley would give Tyler some benefits.

Brenna thought it was very likely.

"In that case, we have no choice. You have to condescend to ask Yuliana. "

There was a hint of true or false sadness on Brenna's face. Brenna was also curious why she would mind the dubious relationship between Tina and Tyler, but take the initiative to ask Tyler to get close to Yuliana. At last, Brenna came to a conclusion. Maybe it was because she knew the thing about Tyler and Yuliana, and Brenna was just angry that Tyler did something without telling her.

The bottom of Tyler's heart sank. He slowly picked up the coffee and took a sip. Cold sweat began to break out on the forehead of Tyler. It seemed that Brenna didn't know Yuliana had happened to Tyler last night. Otherwise, Brenna wouldn't be so calm now. Yuliana not only saw Tyler with Tina, but also asked some seemingly insignificant but hit the nail on the head questions. These questions were beyond Tyler's ability to deal with.

Therefore, it was hard to guarantee for Tyler that Yuliana would enter the trap, and still fall in love with him.

Brenna knew everything. She took a sip of her coffee and sneered. Brenna pretended to know nothing and smiled, "What's wrong? Is there any difficulty? "

Yuliana was not a fool. Seeing that Tyler was with Tina, Yuliana couldn't still like Tyler.

However, Brenna could know what was on Yuliana's mind. Maybe Yuliana was unwilling to accept it, and even if she didn't like Tyler, she would grab Tyler from others.

Tyler smiled to hide his panic, "Why do I feel that Yuliana doesn't like me at all?"

On the contrary, I feel that she likes Malik. Because I... " He saw them together last night. Tyler's words came to a sudden stop. Realizing that something was wrong, Tyler quickly changed the topic. "I often see them together. Do you think they have been together? "

Brenna didn't know the news until she heard it from Tyler.

But Brenna was surprised when the two of them were together.

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