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   Chapter 72 Buy Gifts With The First Salary

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"It seems that the potential consumers are not only rich people, but also a lot of loving couples."

Yuliana looked at the scene indifferently and smiled, "in fact, it's not shopping guide's fault. When you are very delicate and powerful, others will respect you subconsciously. If you go out sloppily and don't pay attention to your manner, it means that deep in your heart, you are very self-abased and unwilling to face your own problems. How can you let others respect you? "

Seeing that Holly was confused, Yuliana smiled and pointed at the ground.

Holly looked in the direction of Yuliana's finger and saw the woman who was bargaining was wearing slippers.

Holly chuckled, "it's really unreasonable to bargain in a luxury store with a pair of slippers worth 10."

"It seems that the discount on the anniversary celebration is a good choice. Many people who are willing to buy will come over. " Looking at the shopping guide's face, Yuliana knew that there might be no commission for this activity.

"What's wrong? Did you get inspiration about the design? " Holly remained calm and wouldn't follow Yuliana's words.

"I have always been inspired." Yuliana smiled, "but I really don't know why jewelry needs advertising design..."

"You didn't want to do it at all, did you?" Cold sweat dripped from Holly's forehead.

Hearing this, Yuliana blushed and smiled awkwardly, "I do have something to ask you out today. Do you know Tina? "

Looking at Yuliana secretly, Holly thought that it was because of this that Yuliana suddenly called her last night.

"No, I don't."

"Recently, a nouveau riche appeared. He used to be honest and willing to work when he has no money. Now he has some money, so he is not willing to work. Basically, even if he doesn't accept the invitation, he comes to other people's parties. " Yuliana didn't care about Holly's attitude at all. A sneer appeared at the corners of her mouth. Would this kind of person die faster?

"So what?"

"So, do you think their family will also come here to celebrate the 50th anniversary?" Yuliana looked at Holly indifferently. If Yuliana was right, the Liu Group must have sent out some invitations to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

After all, not every company had the chance to reach 50th anniversary or even longer.

"Oh?" Holly asked in confusion, "How do you judge this matter?"

Liu Group hadn't taken any action yet, and Holly guessed that no one had received the invitation, so Yuliana couldn't know it either.

"Don't forget that I'm a designer. I'm so imaginative."

"If I can't even think of this, can I do design? I guess the Liu Group will surely send out invitation letters to invite a lot of people to this banquet. "

Yuliana laughed and hooked Holly's arm casually. "Let's not talk about it. I'll buy you a cold drink."

Yuliana said and took a step forward. "In fact, the purpose of asking you out today is very simple. I got my salary two days ago. I want to buy some gifts for my family. But I can't ask you to acc

bright smile, which made Joanna feel soft in her heart and have no intention to blame Yuliana.

"I don't know which stall she bought it from." Looking at Joanna's happy expression, Brenna wanted to stop Yuliana subconsciously.

She couldn't change Joanna's opinion of Yuliana.

Yuliana put on the coat for Joanna quietly and said in a low and wronged voice, "I don't know where to look for the stall in the early morning. Besides, although Ye family is not the richest family, it is not that kind of ordinary family that could make others gossip. How can we wear cheap clothes? "

Joanna was very happy at first, but when she heard what Brenna said, she was a little unhappy.

Later on, Joanna heard from Yuliana that the stall would only appear at night, and she also felt that what Yuliana said was right. Besides, Joanna was not stupid. She touched it casually and knew that the fabric of this dress was good, and it must be expensive.

Joanna believed Yuliana's words.

Seeing the change of expression on Joanna's face, Yuliana knew that Joanna had already made a fuss about it, so Yuliana didn't say anything more. If Yuliana said more, she would make Joanna hate her.

"Brenna, I also bought you a gift." Yuliana took out a bottle of perfume from her bag and handed it to Brenna.

Yuliana remembered that Brenna always liked this perfume, but Brenna didn't get it because of the limited quantity.

That was why Yuliana asked Holly out today.

This perfume was specially supplied by the Liu Group. Yuliana knew that as long as she went with Holly, and she mentioned it unintentionally. Holly would do her a favor and left a bottle of perfume for Yuliana.

Looking at the perfume taken out by Yuliana, Brenna didn't expect that Yuliana could buy it. Even if the clothes that Yuliana gave to Joanna were common, this bottle of perfume was really expensive. Looking at the perfume in Yuliana's hand, Brenna couldn't help sweating.

At this moment, Brenna couldn't estimate how capable Yuliana was.

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