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   Chapter 71 Business Is Like A Battlefield

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Yuliana's words seemed unintentional, but made Marco tremble with fear.

Marco was now more than thirty years old, and he had been working in the Hua Feng Company for nearly ten years, but he had not been put in an important position by Hunter. Although Marco was the president of the Hua Feng Company nominally, in fact, Marco was just on an idle duty. He couldn't get in touch with the internal affairs of the Hua Feng Company, not to mention the ideas and suggestions that Marco usually made, none of them was adopted by Hunter.

Marco always felt depressed as if he was suppressed.

Now after hearing what Yuliana said, Marco realized that something was wrong. It was obvious that Hunter did it on purpose, and even so, Marco couldn't put forward any suggestions to Hunter.

Marco was not stupid. After thinking carefully, he could figure out what was on Hunter's mind.

However, Marco was terrified by Hunter's mind. Marco had thought about it before, but Marco didn't dare to think about it toward such a direction. He didn't want to be too sad and desperate about Hunter in the end. But now, Yuliana's seemingly unintentional two conversations made Marco doubted Hunter's purpose.

"I have something else to do today." Yuliana picked up her bag and smiled imperceptibly.

Yuliana knew that Marco was thoughtful. There were some things that he didn't want to think too much. Looking at Marco's face, Yuliana knew that Marco must have thought of something.

"This is the design I made last night. Please give it to cousin later."

With a bright smile on her face, Yuliana still called Brenna cousin, just for the sake of the relationship between Jade and Brenna. One day, Yuliana would let Brenna know that Yuliana was not a simple minded woman, but disdainful to use it.

Marco was surprised to see Yuliana's design. Marco had already known Yuliana's ability and knew that he didn't need to worry about it. However, Marco didn't expect that Yuliana was so quick and could design it overnight. Looking at Yuliana's receding figure, Marco thought for a while. He guessed that Yuliana must have something on her mind that she hadn't slept all night.

Marco suddenly realized that Yuliana had changed too much.

On the other side, Yuliana took a taxi quickly. It was not until Yuliana kept pestering Holly that she got the chance to go shopping with Holly. However, Brenna insisted on Yuliana doing design.

Fortunately, Yuliana was preoccupied and didn't feel sleepy. Otherwise, she would have been late today.

"Miss, this is a villa. There should be a private car. Why did you take a taxi? " The driver was a talkative man. Seeing that Yuliana didn't say anything after getting on the car, he started the conversation alone.

If she lived here, she must have her own car, or it would be inconvenient to go out.

"I have an appointment with someone else today. It's not convenient for me to drive." Yuliana smiled and didn't show much impatience.

Holly didn't know Yuliana's identity yet. If Yuliana drove there, Holly would suspect her.

The driver nodded and misunderstood Yuliana, "you are right, miss. You would come back home by taxi no matter where you go. If you go back to find the car, you

ll the glamorous people had been trembling with fear, as if treading on thin ice.

Everyone was afraid that they would lose everything tomorrow.

Although Holly felt that Yuliana's analysis was right, Holly couldn't figure out why Yuliana suddenly mentioned this. A cold sweat broke out on Holly's forehead. 'does Yuliana know who I am? Why did she say that?' Holly wondered.

"Has The Liu jewelry launched new products?" Pretending not to know what was on Holly's mind, Yuliana suddenly raised her arm and pointed at the counter in front of her. She saw that there were several people surrounding the counter, seeming to be talking to the saleswoman.

The shopping guide looked quite impatient, presumably because she had never met such a difficult client.

Generally speaking, the customers of The Liu jewelry were from rich and powerful families. They would buy whatever they liked without saying a word and would not bargain at all.

It was estimated that the shopping guide liked to meet such kind of customers the most, so they both saved energy.

"If you think it's too expensive, you can take part in the discount activity of The Liu jewelry, but it hasn't begun yet. The specific arrangement has to be notified by the company."

The shopping guide couldn't hide her displeasure on her face. She thought the woman couldn't afford this.

Since she couldn't afford the jewelry, she shouldn't come to such a place. It would be disgraceful if she tried to bargain here.

Moreover, after the price was negotiated, the commission of the shopping guides would be reduced by a relatively small part, so the shopping guides were naturally unwilling to receive such kind of customers.

"When can I get a discount?" The woman held the jewelry, her eyes full of envy. It seemed that she had been looking forward to it for a long time.

"I don't know." The shopping guide had only received the notice, and the specific date hadn't been set yet. Moreover, this shopping guide didn't have to take part in the discount sales activity. At that time, all the new shopping guides would come. There was no need to make trouble for herself now.

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