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   Chapter 30 it's impossible for us to be together, bro

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In The Liu Jewelry Mall, there were indeed leaflets that could be freely read by customers.

However, those leaflets were not helpful for the design advertisement at all. They were all introducing how to match the jewelry more fashionable and good-looking.

Although Holly knew it clearly, Holly didn't want to upset Yuliana when she saw Yuliana's happy look.

Moreover, Holly had been fully entrusted by her family to work in Hua Feng Company. She didn't want to go too far to visit Malik. Holly knew that once Malik wanted to leave, she would not stay in Hua Feng Company.

So Holly held back what she wanted to say. Holly felt that it was none of her business.

"Then I'll go first." Seeing that Holly didn't say anything, Yuliana felt that if she continued to talk nonsense with Holly, it was inevitable that she would be suspected by Holly.

Yuliana knew that she couldn't be too hasty, or else her previous efforts would be wasted.

"By the way," After taking a few steps, Yuliana turned to look at Holly with a smile. "Are you still having dinner in the canteen?"

"How about I bring you some clothes?"

"Three meals a day is not a good idea."

Yuliana's handsome eyes sparkled, and Holly looked a little dazzling like the stars.

After a while, she said, "no, I usually go home for dinner." After a pause, Holly didn't tell him where her home was.

Of course, Yuliana didn't ask. Holly continued with a smile, "Tell me what you want to eat these days. As long as it's not too expensive, I can buy it for you."

Yuliana said sincerely. It seemed that she really wanted to make friends with Holly.

Before Holly could say anything, Yuliana waved her hand and left again.

"I don't have any thoughts, so I live such a carefree life." Holly murmured as she watched Yuliana's receding figure.

But The Liu group wouldn't cooperate with Hua Feng Company at all.

A bitter smile appeared on Holly's face. "The Liu is a relative of marsh group. If she knows, will she still be so popular?"

Malik was Holly's cousin, and Holly was the daughter of The Liu group. In other words, the chairman of The Liu group was Malik's uncle.

Both the Ma's group and Hua Feng Company were competitors and specialized in design. In this way, if The Liu group really wanted to launch an advertising business, they would cooperate with the Ma's group.

How could she choose to cooperate with The Liu group, which had nothing to do with Hua Feng Company, which was not as good as the marsh group?

After leaving Hua Feng Company, Yuliana took a taxi to The Liu Jewelry Mall.

In this city, there was a largest jewelry store, which was owned by The Liu, and it was very close to Hua Feng Company.

Yuliana remembered that in order to ingratiate herself with Joanna, Jade had specially brought Brenna to select jewelry. When Brenna came back, she told her grandma that Jade was a narrow-minded bumpkin. How could Brenna give her such tasteless jewelry?

In her previous life, Yuliana was so naive that she believed in what Brenna said. She thought that The Liu jewelry was conservative. It was not until she was laughed at later that Yuliana inadvertently saw the introduction of The Liu jewelry that Yuliana realized that the so-called appearance without taste happened to be the characteristics of The Liu jewelry.

[柳氏] jewelry was made of gold and jade, just like gambling jade. It looked like a piece of uncut jade, and the gem embedded in it was the most valuable.

A sneer appeared on Yuliana's face. It could be seen from the matter of The Liu jewelry that Brenna had been preparing to replace Yuliana as the daughter of Ye family and even covet Hua Feng Company.

Yuliana had mixed feelings. When the driver called, Yuliana realized that her nails had been pinched into her fingers. She didn't know when.

Yuliana was stunned and quickly adjusted her state of mind. She got out of the car and followed the crowd into The Liu Jewelry Mall.

The luxurious shopping mall, dazzling lights and shining jewelry were everywhere.

The vintage decoration was low-key again.

After taking a few steps, Yuliana realized that she was still holding a pile of folders. It seemed to be a strange scenery for her to go shopping in such a hurry.

Yuliana soon found that she had become the focus of others, and everyone was looking at Yuliana.

Yuliana smiled and walked quickly to the counter with the folder in her arms.

"Hello, beauty," the sales clerk greeted with a professional smile on her face, with her hands gently clenched and a standard posture on her waist. "May I ask what can I do for you?"

"No, thanks." Yuliana said straightforwardly, "Can you show me your brochure?"

A trace of contempt flashed through the salesgirl's eyes. She couldn't afford it but there were

many people coming to see it every day. When she heard that Yuliana was here for the brochure, she lost her interest in entertaining her. She turned around lazily, picked up a brochure from the shelf and handed it to Yuliana.

"Thank you." Yuliana smiled sweetly and thanked the salesgirl. Ignoring her contempt, she took the leaflets and sat down on the chair next to her.

The Liu group didn't need advertising.

After reading the leaflets, Yuliana came to a conclusion. Since the establishment of The Liu jewelry, it had a very good supply of consumers.

For jewelry, most of the consumers were women.

Men should buy more to please their partners.

Yuliana really didn't know who else could stimulate the customers.

"The Liu group is really a mess in Hua Feng Company." Yuliana sighed and lay on her arms, staring blankly at the crowd passing by.

Obviously, The Liu group didn't want to cooperate with them. Yuliana guessed that everyone was waiting to laugh at her now. As Holly said, if she couldn't do it, Yuliana would be a good talk in Hua Feng Company after dinner.

Yuliana closed her eyes for rest. "I didn't expect that I would put myself in a dilemma."

In the hall of The Liu Jewelry Mall, Malik, in a black suit, stood out among the crowd.

Beside Malik stood a man of the same age. He crossed his arms and legs, looking at The Liu jewelry casually.

"Cousin, it's not that you don't like here all the time. You told me at that time that this place was full of treasures. It was better to read books and go to bed. Why are you here today. Why did you bring me here? " The man next to Malik was the CEO of The Liu group, Luis.

Malik's lips curled into a smile, which dazzled Luis.

Luis raised his head and roared. God was unfair. Why did he give Malik both talent and handsome face?

"On a whim. Just take a walk. " Malik said indifferently and walked a few steps casually.

"But why did you drag me here?"

"Let me tell you, I like women. Besides, even if I like men, as my cousin, it's impossible for us to be together. "

As Luis spoke, he pointed at Malik shyly.

"So you'd better give up the idea of being with me."

"……" Malik was speechless, rubbing Luis' fists and rubbing his palms.

However, Malik had no choice but to hold back the impulse to beat Luis. "I asked you to come here because I have something to ask you."

"Which one is the most popular?"

With a cheeky smile on Luis' face, Frank keenly caught the word "send jewelry to girls" mentioned by Malik. He was stunned and looked at Malik in disbelief.

"Did I see the fake Malik?"

Luis raised his head and put it on Malik's forehead. "You don't have a fever. You don't like women. Why do you fall in love with someone else? "

Luis said it was impossible. She had been with Malik for a long time, but she didn't see Malik get too close to any woman. This sudden question frightened him.

"Does uncle know that you like men?"

"…… If you keep guessing that I like men like this, I will beat you into a concussion in minutes! " [马明辉]'s face turned ghastly pale. He wondered why he had such a weird relative.

"No. We two are relatives. I must give you a discount for the jewelry you bought at The Liu jewelry store, right? In this way, you will owe me a favor, and I will give you a discount and make less money. Anyway, we are both at a disadvantage. You are also a businessman. Can't you settle the account? " "So you'd better go somewhere else."

Malik said indifferently, "The Liu owns jewelry in other places, okay?"

"Of course not!" Luis blurted out.

Speaking of The Liu jewelry, Luis became interested and complacent. "But the Ma family has a jewelry, which can't be compared with all the jewelry of the Liu group. If you really like that girl, why don't you give it to her? "

Malik's eyes twinkled and fixed on Luis.

Of course, Malik wanted to give the jewelry to Yuliana, but Malik was worried that Yuliana wouldn't accept it. Only then did Malik think of choosing a good jewelry from The Liu group for Yuliana.

Malik thought that Frank had been interested in jewelry since childhood, so he asked Luis to come with them.

Malik didn't expect that Luis was such an unreliable man.

If Malik had known this earlier, he would have come by himself.

"What?" "Look, there is a girl over there," said Luis, looking strangely at the back of Malik. It was the first time that Luis had seen someone holding a large pile of folders in The Liu mall, bending over a lounge chair in a daze.

"Cousin, if she wants to see some jewelry, she should just take a look and leave."

"If you are waiting for someone here, why are you holding a large pile of information?"

"Is she here for an interview? But the recruitment of The Liu group hasn't started yet. "

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