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   Chapter 27 How big a hole.

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Yuliana smiled and looked at Holly who was seemingly cold up and down again.

In fact, although Holly said that she wouldn't go to the The Liu group with Yuliana, she was gradually changing Holly's attitude. At least, Holly was giving advice to Yuliana.

"I don't have any jewelry on me, so I don't know what the consumers are thinking. So can you tell me what the characteristics of the jewelry design of The Liu group are in your mind?" Yuliana held the chopsticks and looked at Holly pitifully. She smiled and said, "The bracelet on your wrist is from The Liu group, right?"

Yuliana looked at Holly with watery eyes, as if she was saying "I'm sorry."

In fact, Yuliana had already known that the bracelet on Holly's wrist was actually an exclusive design by The Liu group. This bracelet used the most advanced technology in the world to insert the diamond into the crystal. From the appearance, it seemed to be something worthless. In fact, the unique design and thoughts could be said to be invaluable.

Hearing Yuliana say that the bracelet belonged to The Liu group, Holly raised her eyebrows and looked at Yuliana vigilantly.

Holly's bracelet was probably the only one in the world. The Liu hadn't launched this one at all, so no one had known that Holly's bracelet belonged to The Liu, just because Holly bought it in a random shop.

Now Yuliana suddenly mentioned that the bracelet belonged to The Liu, which made Holly's heart rise high. She looked at the seemingly harmless woman sitting next to her again. "Does Yuliana pretend to be innocent now?" Holly thought. Or Yuliana had already known her identity.

"If it's not The Liu's design, it's an imitation of The Liu." Noticing the vigilance and suspicion in Holly's eyes, Yuliana continued unhurriedly, "Because I feel that The Liu's design features are suddenly enlightened. At the first glance, it didn't look good, but if one looked carefully, he could see the secret hidden in it. The Liu's jewelry is popular. I thought it had something to do with it. Because only people with good taste know each other. "

"She doesn't have any fashion concept, or she doesn't know anything about it, but she has to pretend to be elegant. At the first sight of The Liu jewelry, she will feel that it is not worth money at all, and even feel that The Liu jewelry is inferior to ordinary jewelry."

Smart people would choose silence, while smart people would laugh at people who chose The Liu jewelry in public.

In her previous life, Yuliana was instigated by Tyler to point out that Holly's bracelet was ordinary in public. As a result, it was laughed at by others. From then on, it laid the position of Brenna, and Yuliana became the cannon fodder.

"It's like amber." Seeing that Holly's face softened a little but she didn't say anything, Yuliana continued, "In fact, amber is just a kind of resigns in the eyes of those who don't like it. Only those who know it will be invaluable. "

Holly couldn't help but look at Yuliana with new eyes. Holly didn't expect that Yuliana, who didn't have any jewelry all over her body, could clearly tell the design concept of The Liu jewelry.

Low-profile, luxurious, but with connotation.

Holly felt that a truly cultured person should be like The Liu jewelry, like tea, slowly emitting an intoxicating fragrance.

With a cunning look in her eyes, Yuliana could tell from Holly's expression that she had completely changed her attitude.

"Actually..." Yuliana made up her mind to make persistent efforts to win Holly's heart.

"Do you like the food in the canteen?" The voice of Tyler sounded abruptly, interrupting Yuliana's words.

Seeing that it was Tyler, Yuliana's smiling face dropped. She lowered her head and ate the rice in front of her.

Holly was quite disgusted with Tyler. If it weren't for the fact that Yuliana didn't move, she wouldn't have left Yuliana alone, and Holly wouldn't sit still.

But he didn't care. Tyler sat down beside Yuliana.

In the bottom of Tyler's heart, he looked down upon Holly. In Tyler's heart, Holly was just a receptionist in the Hua Feng Group, not as good as a charlady in the office. She was in such a low position, and she was cold and indifferent to others all day long, as if Holly was superior to others.

Although Tyler disdained Holly, at this time, Yuliana and Holly were sitting together. In order to get close to Yuliana, Tyler had to endure the cold face of Holly and sit next to Yuliana.

"The food in the canteen is not very delicious. Look, many people don't eat in the canteen anymore." Tyler stretched out his hand and made a helpless gesture.

Indeed, it had been a long time for Tyler since the last time they had dinner in the company canteen because of Brenna.

Tyler didn't think the food in the canteen was not so bad, but Brenna said it was bad and she couldn't eat it, so Tyler had to cooperate.

Like Brenna, Yuliana was brought up in a rich family and couldn't get used to the food in the canteen, so Tyler said first that the food in the canteen was not delicious to get Yuliana's approval.

Unfortunately, Yuliana was not picky as Brenna. Yuliana rolled her eyes and smiled, "How do you like the food in the canteen, Holly?"

Hearing Yuliana's words, Holly's hands froze. She didn't understand what s

he meant.

Holly felt that as smart as Yuliana, how could Tyler not understand that the heavenly destiny was deliberately talking to Yuliana?

The next second, when Holly saw the cunning look in Yuliana's eyes, she was suddenly enlightened.

Holly frowned slightly and sighed, pretending to be embarrassed. "It's really not delicious. It's a pity that I'm just an ordinary employee at the front desk. I don't have much to say, let alone to put forward opinions to the top managers. "

"Really?" Yuliana was overjoyed. She didn't expect that Holly would know her intention and follow Yuliana's words.

Yuliana rolled her beautiful eyes and looked confused. "Director, we are all ordinary employees. We don't even have the chance to meet the manager. Naturally, we can't say anything, and we don't dare to say anything if we have any inner opinions. But you are different. You are the sales director. There are always many chances for you to meet the senior executives, such as the Department Manager. "

With a pure smile on her face, Yuliana blinked her big eyes and looked at the confused Tyler. "Since the food in the canteen doesn't taste good, you know that many people would rather go out to eat on their own. Why don't you say something about TIGI for us employees? Why don't you suggest the senior executives of the Hua Feng Group to improve the food?"

"Or do you think you don't need to plead for your subordinate after you solve your own problem of eating?"

Yuliana saw Tyler in front of her was not handsome, but absolutely clean. She finally managed to squeeze out a false smile, which made Yuliana feel very happy. Didn't you tell me about the canteen's food? Now I'm just going to have a deep talk with you about the canteen's food.

"Actually, about the food in the canteen, i..." Tyler began to break out on his forehead.

It suddenly occurred to Tyler that he didn't know how to answer Yuliana's question.

The food in the canteen of the company was always like this, because the canteen of the company was always open to the employees for free. They could eat in the canteen after being arranged, and could not take out. It was like a buffet, so even if the food was not very good, many employees and managers had to endure it.

Brenna also told Tyler that if they wanted to improve the food in the canteen, they might have to start to charge the food card and implement the payment system like other canteens.

Once such a hard-working and thankless proposal was implemented, many employees who tried to save money would definitely resent it.

In this way, everyone knew that there was a tacit understanding between them. No one would dare to hit the muzzle of the gun.

However, Yuliana was different. She was a new employee, so she didn't know the potential tacit understanding. It was natural for Tyler to raise an objection to the gift.

Seeing the embarrassed look on Tyler's face, Yuliana was secretly pleased and exchanged a look with Holly.

Holly was a little surprised. It was the first time for Yuliana to come here. She should have a good relationship with the leaders of all departments, so that she could have a smooth journey.

How could such a simple sentence block Tyler?

However, Holly was not a good person. She had always been a little disdainful of Tyler. Seeing the expression and reaction of Tyler, she knew that Tyler was useless to believe it.

"Oh, right." Seeing that his colleagues had already finished their meal, Tyler stood up one after another and went back to his office. Tyler's mind was somewhat active, or perhaps it was an idea that suddenly popped out under pressure. Tyler tried to squeeze out a seemingly gentle smile and said, "You are in the design department now, so you must know a lot about design. Can I ask you some professional questions? "

Hearing the words of Tyler, Holly held Yuliana's hand on the table subconsciously, indicating Yuliana not to answer. She'd better leave at this time.

"Okay." Yuliana didn't seem to notice Holly's hint and agreed.

Seeing that several colleagues around stopped subconsciously, Tyler cleared his throat and deliberately raised his voice so that everyone around could hear him.

Wherever there were people, there must be gossips. Tyler believed that everyone would be curious.

"What do you think of Hua Feng Company?"

Impression? Yuliana was confused. She looked at Holly subconsciously and wondered what Tyler's question meant.

The next moment, when Yuliana saw the worried eyes of Holly, Yuliana's mind was lit up and she suddenly understood.

Now many colleagues were in the canteen. If Yuliana said that Hua Feng Company was a good company, it was inevitable that there would be suspicion of new employees flattering the company. If Yuliana said that Hua Feng Company was not good, it was likely that before the working time in the afternoon. Yuliana's words would spread throughout the whole Hua Feng company, and it was inevitable to be criticized by colleagues. They felt that Yuliana was arrogant and looked down upon Hua Feng Company.

So the problem of Tyler seemed to be simple, but it undoubtedly created a trap for Yuliana, waiting for Yuliana to jump. No matter how Yuliana answered this question, it would become a joke for Hua Feng Company.

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